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Top  7 Marketing Ideas for a Good Laugh on April Fool’s Day! Posted on March 23, 2020

April Fools’ Day is the best time for marketers to play a fun spin and give their brand a playful attitude, while driving traffic to their stores. Find some fun and harmless way to pique interest and grab the eyeballs on this day. After all, it is a great way to see the lighter side […]

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Trek 8-Piece Waterproof First Aid Kits- Product Review Posted on March 23, 2020

Marketers often spend a lot of time to find the most appropriate promotional handouts. Ideally, it should complement their business line and match the needs of their audience alike. Now with the corona virus scare talking the world by storm, there has been an increased focus on health and hygiene. This week, our new product […]

Work from Home Quarantine Kit for your Employees Posted on March 20, 2020

It’s quarantine time! Most of your employees are at their homes, working for you on their personal computers and enjoying their low key life. Remote working can look very simple but it actually creates a discrepancy in the workflow. No proper work-communication, disordered working habits, and difficulty in sticking to the routine! And for the […]


Custom T-shirts For Your Alumini Meet- Tips to consider Posted on March 20, 2020

Alumni meets are perfect occasions to relive the olden days and celebrate friendship and team spirit at its best. Can there be anything more exciting than meeting your old high school friends after many years?   Alumni meet is a great excuse to get connected with long lost friends who may be in distant places due […]

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April 7th is  National Beer Day- Plan your promotions Posted on March 20, 2020

National beer day, is observed as the anniversary of the end of Prohibition, which was in force from 1920 – 1933  in the United States. Falling on April 7th this year, beer day is the best time of the year to grab a beer and celebrate.Started by a bunch of beer lovers a decade ago, […]

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10 Unique Custom Birthday Return Gifts For Kids Posted on March 20, 2020

Return gift ideas for kids’ birthday party should be appropriate, interesting and budget-friendly. Thank every kid for attending your child’s party and give them a gift that they cherish. Get your message, artwork or some fun quotes imprinted on the return gifts to make it truly unique and memorable. Planning a child’s birthday party is […]

4 tips you are unaware of, which can actually save you from spreading COVID-19

4 tips you are unaware of, which can actually save you from spreading COVID-19 Posted on March 19, 2020

You might have cleaning your hands with hand sanitizers every one hour, cleaning your workspace with wipes, avoid public gathering and doing whatsoever to avoid the infection from COVID-19, but while taking care of all these things, you are forgetting, or maybe ignoring some critical things! Let’s get aware of these simple but unavoidable points […]

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April 2 is International Children’s Book Day- Plan Your Promotions Posted on March 19, 2020

Books inspire, educate and encourage children to excel in their life. International Children’s Book Day 2020 is designed to celebrate reading and bring back the popularity of books among young children in  today’s robotic world. The slogan for this year’s event is “small is big in a book”. Reading books will empower children to learn and develop. […]

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Promotional Product Impressions – Custom Bags  Posted on March 19, 2020

It’s a proven fact that high utility gifts like bags have high recall levels. Bags are retained for a long time and your brand imprinted on these will remain visible for a longer time. Offered in a wide range of models and price rates, custom bags offer something special for everyone. The best part is […]


Tips To Use Custom Microfiber Cleaning Cloth  As Promotional Items Posted on March 19, 2020

Microfiber cloth is designed to keep the surfaces spotlessly clean without leaving any smudges or lint. But did you know that these make great promo handouts that will  enhance your brand image? These high utility items can effectively get your message across and promote events and charity. Durable and long lasting, microfiber cleaning cloth has […]