4 tips you are unaware of, which can actually save you from spreading COVID-19

4 tips you are unaware of, which can actually save you from spreading COVID-19

You might have cleaning your hands with hand sanitizers every one hour, cleaning your workspace with wipes, avoid public gathering and doing whatsoever to avoid the infection from COVID-19, but while taking care of all these things, you are forgetting, or maybe ignoring some critical things! Let’s get aware of these simple but unavoidable points and take better care to avoid the spreading of coronavirus!

Keep your nails clean!

Hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial wipes, tissue papers and what not! We are taking measures for everything, except nail clippers! Nail clippers are not getting the hype but actually this product is essential. Add nail clippers to your list, because no hand sanitizers can completely save you if you are not cutting your nails properly.

Eyeglasses and Contact lenses

People who wear eyeglasses regularly, our question is to you! You wear these glasses everywhere, and keep them aside when you take a break! So it touches outer environment which is actually not safe at all! So here, the essential thing to do is to clean your glasses every time you take it off, with antibacterial wipes! The same goes for contact lenses. Keep your hands clean before touching your contact lenses.

Cell phones are way out of the league!

The mobile phones you use every day are ten times dirtier than your toilet seat! Can you imagine that? And you are using it every day, keeping it inside your hands every minute and touching all over the screen again and again. You might clean your hands after using your mobile phone with your hand sanitizers. But then again you touch the same phone, right? So clean your phone displays once in a while with wipes or tissues, preferable anti-bacterial swabs so that you are safe from diseases!

Fingertips and Keyboards

Fingertips and computer keyboards have a unique relationship, especially when you are working in your office! Whenever we clean our hands with sanitizers, we just ignore one part, your fingertip! Allocate time to clean your fingertips while you are using your hand sanitizers. Also, make sure that you clean your computer keyboards and work area once in a while!