April 2 is International Children’s Book Day- Plan Your Promotions

Books inspire, educate and encourage children to excel in their life. International Children’s Book Day 2020 is designed to celebrate reading and bring back the popularity of books among young children in  today’s robotic world.

Book day

The slogan for this year’s event is “small is big in a book”.

Reading books will empower children to learn and develop. This event can be conducted in schools, libraries and community organizations. Even businesses can  do their party to promote reading in children by organizing book fests, contests and quiz programs among others.

This event is designed to not just encourage children to pick up a book and read but to make it a habit in their life. Looking for some interesting activities and ideas to celebrate Children’s book day 2020?

Get started with these ideas that will leave both the kids and kids at heart impressed!

Book Poll: Conduct a poll on the favorite Children’s books in various categories like fiction, science, cartoons etc and choose the most polled book. You can think of some interesting custom gifts like imprinted bookmarks as prizes for the participants. These come handy to mark the pages of their favorite paper back while your brand gets all their attention.

Sticky Note Bookmarks

Trivia Quiz: Test Children’s Book Knowledge with a quiz. Announce custom gifts like pens, pencils or erasers that children will find useful in their everyday life. It will encourage the children to stay up-to- date with the best-selling books and discuss their favorite books with their friends.

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Free Library Membership: Schools, libraries, kids’ stores and arts and crafts schools can all think of issuing free memberships to students to encourage and enhance their reading habits.

Untitled design (24)Family Library Selfie Photo Contest: A photo contest is the best way to get children and their families to the library. It will make a fun way to get them introduced to the book collection in libraries and inspire to start reading and be a book lover.

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Book donation: You can organize a book donation drive so that families and children with surplus books can donate for those who have no access to books. It is a great way to make reading popular across the community.

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 Marketers that wish to be part of this event can consider handouts like Reading lightsimprinted coloring books and many other similar items that complement the theme.

Flex Book-Flashlights

How do you plan to celebrate children’s book day? Share your ideas.