Promotional Gifts for Read A New Book Month

December is National Read a New book month, which makes it a great time to promote reading habits in people. For marketers who wish to promote their publishing business, libraries, book stores or literary festivals can all make the most of this theme in their promotions to impress their customers.1.5x6.25 inch custom laminated bookmarks

Let your customers dust off their creative skills and book reading habits with these thoughtful gifts. Reading is an important part in education and can be a good hobby and a way of life for people. No matter whether you are a kid or an adult, book reading will fine hone your communication skills and vocabulary.

Story books will bring back the nostalgic memory of childhood for most as everyone of us have grown up with books. Bed time stories and storytelling have all played an influential role in shaping cultures and societies all over the world. Reading out stories to kids will teach them the right phonetics and alphabets and will enhance their language skills. Good readers are also likely to be more sociable and confident.

Looking for some appropriate custom gifts to promote the National Read a New book month? Check out these gift ideasCustom Imprinted Fitness For Me Bookmarks

Logo bookmarks
Every time they need to interrupt their reading, your recipients will surely love these handy gift ideas really useful. Imprint your logo and message on these bookmarks and see how your logo becomes part of their reading time. Here are some of the popular choices that can be considered.

  • Laminated Bookmark with Page Holder : These custom bookmarks with page holder are creative choices to promote any business, service, product and organization. These laminated bookmarks will be treasured by recipients as it helps them to keep track of the pages read by them. These make great gift ideas for tradeshows, business conventions, community programs and anniversary celebrations.
  • Custom Rulers With Circular Magnifying Glass : Hand out the multiple advantages of magnifiers, rulers and bookmarks. The measuring magnifier allows you to read the fonts and examine pages closely and follow up the last spot which you have covered the last time. It is quite easy to lose track of pages you have read and this logo gift will help your recipients to read from where they have left.

Kids love story books of all types. Why not hand out these informative and interesting books that will ensure fun and information in equal measures on the occasion of read a new book month? Custom Imprinted Better Books – Child Health Organizer is a good option to consider as it will help parents to ensure a healthy upbringing of their kids under $1. This informational booklet offers valuable information including health records of children. These custom gifts make perfect promotional gifts for schools, community programs, and child care services.

This laminated bookmark will not only feature your brand logo with pride, but also help to cultivate reading habits in the youth.

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Books and bookmarks will easily get your logo in front of your customers