Plan Your Promotions for Safe Toys and Gifts Month

The month of December is observed as Safe toys and gifts month by Prevent Blindness America, the oldest eye care program in the US. This day is observed to make parents and family members aware of children safe toys and gift options.

It is estimated that approximately over 140,000 toy-related emergencies happen every year. The objective of this celebrating this day is to enhance the awareness on toy safety and help people to choose age appropriate promotional gifts for kids.

If you are looking for some safe and fun toys for your little patrons, why not browse our fabulous collection of toys that will not just make them happy but ensure absolute safety as well.

Stuffed toys
We at ProImprint have a variety of different stuffed toys in many popular shapes and sizes including teddy bear, monkey, elephant and tiger among others. Imprint your logo and message on these attractive gifts that make perfect options to promote all types of businesses. The best part is that since Safe Toys and Gifts Month falls during the holiday season, it makes a perfect time to pamper your little patrons with their choicest gifts.Promotional Logo Super Value Dalton Bear

Rubber ducks
These floating cuties of rubber ducks will tug the hearts of not just kids but also adults. No matter whether they wish to use it a bath time toys or novelties, these adorable toys will never fail to turn a few heads. Apart from the customary yellow colored ducks, you can choose from themed items like basketball or football rubber ducks, which make perfect items to promote school leagues and kids events. Safe and sporty, logo rubber ducks will make perfect items as goodie bag items or mass mailer gifts as well.Customized Construction Worker Rubber Ducks

Stress balls
Though stress balls do not fall under customary toys, these logo items will make a safe toy for kids. Soft and cute, stress balls are available in a range of interesting shapes. Now that the holiday season is one, why not hand out Christmas themed stress balls like those shaped like Christmas trees, Santa or snowman and leave a lasting impression not just among your junior patrons but adults as well as they will find these custom items handy options to squish away their stress and bad day woes while at work, home or on the go!Custom Printed Snowman Stress Ball

Water guns
Custom water guns are available in various sizes including large, mini and everything that falls in between. Everyone is a kid inside! Bring it alive by giving away these delightful summer toys which will redefine the outdoor summer fun time of your customers for sure! Imprint your logo on the vibrant background of these water guns and every time your recipients or employees take these out to indulge in a water shooting spree, your brand logo will catch the attention of the people around! Kids will love to have these safe and fun toys wherever they go. Be it summer camps, picnics or pool parties, there are not many gifts that match the charm of these toys that squirt water and bring smiles!Custom Printed Fun Soaker Water Squirter

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