Work from Home Quarantine Kit for your Employees

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It’s quarantine time! Most of your employees are at their homes, working for you on their personal computers and enjoying their low key life. Remote working can look very simple but it actually creates a discrepancy in the workflow. No proper work-communication, disordered working habits, and difficulty in sticking to the routine! And for the employees, staying at home continuously for a long time is quite boring! Living in self-isolation, eating carbs, and working all day is not-so-millennial-ish and this can lead to boredom, which will obviously, affect their productivity. Employers should be ready for such situations. Employers while giving permission to their employees to work remotely can provide the employees with a compact quarantine kit with lots of goodies and wellness products so that it won’t be that hard to live in isolation for your employees. Plus, it would create a rapport between you and your employees even if you are detached visibly, there could be reliability and loyalty. So how do you create this quarantine kit for your employees and what should be added in this kit?

Anti-bacterial ballpoint Pens


Hunting down basic desk stationeries can be stressful while working from home! So the first and best product that should be added in your employee quarantine kit is office stationeries, and precisely the fundamental thing would be a pen! Instead of distributing regular pens, get anti-bacterial ballpoint pens which guarantee 99.9% protection against bacteria! Get customized antibacterial pens and imprint your brand logo on it!

Webcam covers

Promotional-Moptopper-Webcam-Security-Covers-500x500 (1)

Whether it’s an office laptop or personal one, webcam cover is mandatory. Security can never be kept at stake no matter what. And hence custom webcam covers should there be in the quarantine kit. Custom webcam security covers will protect your employees’ webcam from potential hackers.

Hand sanitizers


This virus season, none of us can avoid hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers with more than 60% of alcohol content need to be there at every home. So gift your employees custom hand sanitizers so they don’t have to fear about spreading germs. Imprint your brand name and gift these to your employees along with the quarantine kit!

Waterproof First Aid Kits


First aid kits should be there at every home. You never know what happens next. Especially when you are at home for a long time and there is nothing you could do to get engaged, there might be a chance to get injuries while being in the kitchen or so. Stocking first aid kit is the best solution for this problem. And considering this in mind, you can give your employees customized waterproof first aid kits. These first aid kits contain adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, hand sanitizer sachets, sunscreen packets, and aloe vera gel.

Custom Forehead Thermometer Kits

Forehead Thermometer Kits

It is always advisable to take your temperature two times a day during quarantine days just to be cautious! And this is why you need custom  thermometers. Fever is one among the symptoms of COVID-19 and hence it is necessary to monitor the temperature at least two times a day. Add it to your quarantine kit to stay safe!

Customized sticky notes


Work from home can be hard to analyze when there is a lot of tasks. Compiling the tasks and aligning it needs some kind of organizer and that’s why you need to add customized sticky notes into your list of quarantine kit. Let your employees take it slow and organized while working from home!


Custom Printed Wireless Charging Mouse Pads


Custom Wireless charging mouse pads can be the highlight product of this kit. Every employee who works from home should have this. This will let the user charge wireless charging supported Smartphones along with using the mouse pad. They come with a Micro to USB cable and works with most plastic phone cases on.