4 Tips that will ensure the best results on April Fools’ Day Marketing

April Fools’ Day is not just a perfect time to play pranks on unsuspecting people, enjoy a few belly laughs at other’s expense and still get away with it! It is also a great time to hand out some unusual promotional gifts or plan some quirky marketing ideas that will get your brand on top. However, anything overdone could make your marketing plan fall flat on its face. So, before getting carried away by the jovial mood, here are a few things to remember to plan a fun filled promotional campaign.

April Fools’ Day Marketing Tips!

It should be appropriate

As they say one man’s food is someone else’s poison. What appears to be a harmless joke for you might be interpreted in a different way by others. So, make doubly sure that the silly jokes that you have planned for the day do not hurt any religious or political practices or any race, gender or ethnicity.

Make sure that it is refined

The beauty of any joke is complete only when it is accepted by the victim. So, it is recommended not to cross the boundaries of decency and always ensure appropriate behavior even while you are in a mood to play the weirdest pranks.

Retain the fun element

Even a well executed April fool joke might not turn out the way you want if the audience fails to spot the humor in that. So, keep away from stale topics that have been doing the rounds or complicated topics that not many people can easily relate to. Make sure you provide all the necessary information to the recipients to make it easy for them to crack the fun in it.

Think whether it is consistent with your brand

Make sure that the April Fools’ Day story you have is something that complements your brand. Stay away from inside jokes or something that has become outdated. A joke gone wrong can do significant damage to your brand.

Wondering whether April Fools jokes can do anything to promote brands or build up a buzz? We have some perfect examples of some innovative jokes that have created headlines in the past years.

Create Confusion

Way back in 1992, Los Angeles Airport displayed an 85 feet banner that read “Welcome to Chicago.” along the path for arriving planes. How this banner could have set off mayhem and panic among the passengers is easy to imagine. But as a quirky marketing tactic, it has hit its target with amazing precision. Apart from turning a few heads and scoring all those valuable tweets, the fun behind this innovative billboard was well appreciated.

Size matters

Think about bringing out ridiculously big and small product sizes as part of your April Day promotions. Many businesses like Starbucks have grabbed a few eyeballs by making pint sized and monstrous cup sizes as part of the fun promotions during April Fool. So, think something in this line. If you are an insurance company, why not announce a special insurance package for the car keys while your competitors are busy with serious promotions! The customers will surely be amused by the strange offer; but your brand will get the exposure that it deserves.

Pranks on the left handed

From the hilarious announcement of left-hand friendly Whopper by Burger King to the golf balls for the left handed from Dunlop, we have had a fairly long list of fake products. So, if you plan to adopt this trend, try something similar. If you are dentist you can even come up with an advertisement of dentist chairs for left-handed patients?

So, put on your thinking caps to come up with more creative ideas to turn April Fool’s day into your key marketing day!

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