Five Promotional Gift Ideas For April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day makes a great excuse to pull tricks and play pranks on unsuspecting friends and family for most people. Celebrated every year all over the world on 1st April, this day is all about spreading hoaxes and playing jokes on April fools. Though popular since the 19th century, April fool’s day is not a public holiday in any country. Proimprint has a delightful range of gifts for all your April fool day shenanigans.

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Here are five promotional items for April Fools’ Day that will get your employees into splits. Drive up team spirit and light hearted fun among your team members with these logo gifts that will help them discover the fun side of their personality!

Big mouth stress relievers : Give your employees a surprise by leaving these funny faced stress relievers on their desks. It will make a great way to start the day. Imprint your logo and message on these gifts to make sure that your brand gets displayed even after April1Custom Logo Imprinted Big Mouth Stress Relievers

Smile poppers: This fun toy will surprise your whole team as these smiley shaped poppers will jump when they turn it inside out and drop it before snapping back with a pop sound. Your team will get a kick out all day, playing with these custom poppers.Smile Poppers

Water guns: Can there be a better way to celebrate April Fools’ Day than an old-fashioned water gun fight? Your team will love to head outdoors with these fun toys that will get everyone drenched and looking silly. But at the end of the day it will drive up everyone’s spirits. Imprint your logo and message and see how this fun toy will get used all summer long.Custom Printed 5

Face paint: Loads of fun and hilarity, these face paint sticks will give ample scope for your team to play pranks. Draw funny faces or a sleazy tattoo on a snoozing teammate and enjoy the screams, shock and sighs that follow!Customized Face Paint Twist Markers

Balloons: One of the most popular pranks on any April’s fool day, popping balloons never seems to run out of trend. Why not get even with your bossy peer by hiding these balloons on his seat before he gets into work. We bet, hilarity will ensue!9 Inch Customized Metallic Color Balloons

Proimprint has a range of quirky and fun gifts that will bring a smile to even the most stiff-upper-jawed recipients of yours. Pull pranks and set off a few belly laughs with these April Fools’ Day Gag Gifts and spread your logo and laughter alike. April fool probably teaches us all not to be too serious in life and to have a fair share of laughter and giggles to spice up the mundane life style that most of us follow. Keep smiling!!

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