How to market your brewery on this National Beer Day?

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This is the chronicle of the most celebrated drink ever, especially for the Americans! It’s been said that Beer is the most favorite drink of them all; more than one-third people declared that beer is their choice of beverage when it comes to alcohols. But even then, breweries are less known among Americans! The natives usually prefers pubs or daily bars when it comes to beer. Promoting a pub or a bar doesn’t need much effort but on the same time, promoting brewery is actually a tedious task. If people are not aware of your brand, it would take some time to reach out to the public. But with some change in ideas, you can bring your brewery to the top! This national Beer day, let’s make it happen, let’s raise a toast to your brewery with these cool marketing ideas!

Beer making Workshop

For every beer lover out there, there will be a curiosity to know the behind-the-scenes of beer making! And this national beer day, this could be your huge promotion! Get all your customers to enjoy a one day workshop on beer making. Let them see the process and enjoy how it is made. You could end it with a wine tasting session so as to let them know how it actually tastes out of your brewery. Make it more authentic by getting them logo printed beer mugs.

Beer exhibition

If not beer making, why not beer exhibition! You could arrange some unique beers, along with some traditional ones and special composed ones which include ales, ryes, blondes etc. So as to promote your brand, you could also come up with some varieties of beer glasses such as pint glasses, pilsners, mugs etc; logo printed so as to promote your brewery.


Make your own Beer! Arrange a make-your-own-beer session for your customers and let them make their own composition! This will be interesting to them and you! If you find something exquisite from their composition, you can adopt the flavor and create new originals!

Special edition beer

No one would ever say no to Special edition beers! Yes, so why don’t you get your one day offer deal for your special edition beer on National beer Day. Americans love beer so let them enjoy your special edition beers on this particular day. Just because it lasts only for one day, you might get a huge sale upon the special edition. Let your customers know that they would only get this once in an year, making it special and promote the hype with your branded beer mugs!


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