Turn Your Tradeshow Booth Into A Lead Generating Machine

Tradeshows are large events that bring together a massive crowd under the same roof. It offers a fabulous opportunity for marketers to flaunt their brand and to engage their audience in a fun and casual manner. However to stand out among the countless booths, you need to come up with some interesting and innovative tips.

Tips to Turn Your Tradeshow Booth Into A Lead Generating Machine

How to draw customers

Drawing customers into your trade show booth can be achieved only by building in a sales system into your presentation. Be innovative and unique during every tradeshow to pique interest of the audience. Stale and stereotype image won’t cut the ice among your audience. Even strategies that work elsewhere need not succeed at massive business events like tradeshows.

Selling your brand is an art. Time tested options like custom tradeshow displays, booth babes and raffles can still make heads turn. Or a large mascot of a floating toy at the entrance can  be crowd pullers.  But make sure that these are not overdone in such a way that it could distract the attendees from your brand and services. As attendees browse the massive tradeshow floors they will surely be hooked to the booths that stand out. “Wow, why there is a big crowd in front of that booth? Let’s go see!” Before you even know, your brand becomes the talk of the town!

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Personal touch pays off

You can even think of something unique, quirky or downright hilarious. For instance, if you want to promote a wild life safari, bringing a monster lizard or an ostrich will all create a lot of interest. The curious crowd will not just throng in but even will even compete to have the best selfies against this unique background. Just imagine the exposure your brand will get in social channels as the attendees will share it like crazy over social channels.

Think of a unique approach in this line. If you are trying to promote spa, how about offering a free 2 minute foot massage for attendees who share their contact details?   Your attendees will say “That’s so cool! What you did is inherently more exciting than any other company has done!” This approach will churn an audience that is genuinely interested in your services and create qualified leads by keeping your audience truly engaged. While a raffle prize will leave a moderately happy audience but unqualified leads who may be more interested in the gift card than your brand, these types of unique promotional tactics will spark genuine interest.

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