Tips To Use Custom Microfiber Cleaning Cloth  As Promotional Items

Microfiber cloth is designed to keep the surfaces spotlessly clean without leaving any smudges or lint. But did you know that these make great promo handouts that will  enhance your brand image? These high utility items can effectively get your message across and promote events and charity.

Durable and long lasting, microfiber cleaning cloth has one of the lowest costs per impressions that make it a budget friendly way to advertise your business.

 Ideal for every industry, custom microfiber cloth will put your brand on a portability curve. Designed to absorb moisture fully and ensure a smooth and thorough cleaning, customized microfiber cloth make a high visibility promotional billboard for businesses.

Yoga Studio                                                

If you own a yoga studio, custom microfiber cloth will make a great way to advertise your business!  Offered in a wide range of brilliant colors, these will set a great backdrop for your message. Your recipients will find it useful to wipe the mats and their bags dry after entering the yoga studio. You can consider imprinted microfiber to new members who sign up for your classes.

12x12 Inch Custom Heavy Duty Microfiber Cloths

Car Dealership

New car owners will have a smart way to keep their cars dust free when they get custom microfiber cloth. It will keep the name of the car dealer right in front of their eyes every time they do a quick wipe at the start of the day. Custom microfiber will get a lot of attention from anyone who gets in the car as well.

8x8 Inch Custom Printed Suede Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Sports clubs

Sports clubs can hand out microfiber cloth for their members and sports fans at the next game. Get the home team mascot or tagline imprinted to grab easy attention on the stands and beyond. Your recipients will indeed love to retain it as keepsakes and game day souvenirs; it will make them team pride every time they use to clean and wipe!

Printed Value Plus Microfiber Cloths

Fitness centers

Microfiber cleaning cloth makes perfect handouts for gyms. Your clients can use it to clean equipment after use and keep hands dry while lifting. It makes a sustainable replacement to disposable paper towels. Reduce waste and make your fitness center ecofriendly by making these reusable towels part of your promotional swag.  You can even use it as gift bag items for the winners of your weight loss contests.

Dual Microfiber Cleaning Clothes


Microfiber cloths make a great handout for schools and colleges. Kids will find it useful to keep their seats and desks clean and germ free. It makes a fun way to encourage personal hygiene at schools as well. Get  the name and logo of your institution imprinted on these towels to make it a portable billboard for your brand. Choose from various models like  Microfiber cleaning cloth in cases, Dual Microfiber Cleaning Clothes and  a lot more.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths In Cases

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