Top  7 Marketing Ideas for a Good Laugh on April Fool’s Day!

April Fools’ Day is the best time for marketers to play a fun spin and give their brand a playful attitude, while driving traffic to their stores. Find some fun and harmless way to pique interest and grab the eyeballs on this day. After all, it is a great way to see the lighter side of life and the playful side of the brands you represent!

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Interestingly even online giants like Google, YouTube, and Twitter have played prank much to the delight of the users. It is too early to forget about the hilarious Google nose announcement, which took the online world by storm. In 2013 when search engines announced that they can smell the search results, which many were ready to believe!

Remember how twitter came up with No vowels. However it was real and we all saw it happen on April 1st, 2013, when it announced two services: the normal version of Twitter along with the new one – Twttr, a free service where the users can send tweets in consonants only which left the users in splits literally!

Now for some delightful marketing tips that you can adopt on April fool’s day.

Offer A Discount That’s Too Good To Be True!

Come up with a discount deal that is too good to be true. The customers may feel that you have tricked them, so make sure to encourage them to give it a try! Your recipients who dare to try it out will get the biggest surprise of the year for sure. Use fun custom handouts like smile stylus pens or smile Face Stick People Stress Balls are some of the many gift ideas to  drive up  the sales.

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Use humor Hashtag

The biggest selling ticket on this day is humor. So, make sure that you use it in your online promotions and campaigns to drive up the buzz and make your April day promotions  truly interesting.

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Launch a spoof product or service

Pretend that you’re launching a crazy product that will leave the customers truly awestruck. For instance, a pet trainer can offer to train the jackalope  free of cost! The readers will surely be hooked for a moment before they realize that it is a mythical animal of North American folklore. It will ensure a good laugh for your customers and they will easily find the fun in the slogan, which will easily enhance their engagement with your brand!

Come Up With A Winning April Fool Day Email Campaign

Be Different and stand out with your messages that will evoke suspense.  Mix things up and offer something that the recipients will find so irresistible. Dig into some strange and downright hilarious messages that will truly do the trick.

Untitled design (7)Choose the right subject lines

Make sure to come up with an appropriate subject line that says “No prank allowed”  or “This is no joke.” To highlight that you are being serious with the April Fool Day offers. It will make the subscribers curious about these to explore further. You can try to bring in a surprise element to your emails to tempt them to click open the email to see what’s going on.

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Make a buzz

The media loves April Fools’ Day. So, make sure to get featured in the best pranks for the day by alerting the press to ensure a decent coverage. Reach out to the journalists to let them know about your April Fool day jokes and pranks to drive up your media outreach.


Avoid Negative Pranks

Avoid negative pranks! It is more important than being unique in your marketing ideas. Never take April Fools’ emails too far, which can harm or embarrass the subscribers. Make sure that the fun element is never overlooked.

Good luck!