Corona Virus Outbreak- Tips To Keep your Employee Morale Up

Corona Virus has hit the word really hard with thousands of people under observation and hospitalization. The virus threat has impacted workplaces, the stock market and the general public.

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Thus, the top priority for organizations world-wide is to ensure employee retention, keep the morale of the employees high and ensure fewer sick leaves. Creating awareness and offering health and hygiene tips is the best way to get started.

Are you one of those organizations with a crisis plan in place to deal with the severity of the Coronavirus?  Do take a look at these tips that may come handy.

Here are some tips that can be employed

‘Handshake-free’ meetings
Avoiding hand contact will go a long way in preventing the spread of Corona Virus. So, hand shake as a form of greeting can be replaced by other methods like bowing heads or folding  hands during employee discussions or business meetings.

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Set up hand-sanitizing stations
Necessary precautions can be taken to ensure the health and safety of your employees in office by setting up more hand-sanitizing stations and using disinfectant sprays in high-traffic areas.

Hand wash

Provide hand sanitizers for your team which will help them stay safe from germs both at work and on the go.

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Ensure utmost cleanliness at workplace 

Make sure to increase the frequency of cleaning of meeting rooms and high-touch areas such as doorknobs and escalator rails to deal with the virus threat at the possible point of origin.
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Encourage the team to wash hands more often

Encourage and remind the employees to frequently wash their hands with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds.  The team members should be made aware of the dangers of self infection when they touch their face, eyes or nose with dirty hands.

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Use tech accessories safely

Touch screen phones and smart gadgets may pose a risk of transmitting germs when shared among multiple users. Hand out items like Touch Screen & Safety Gloves In Pouch that will help the team to type and use their gadgets without the risk of infection. It also protects the users from germs on escalator handles, shopping carts and ATMs and keep hands and phone clean.

The best part is that your team can use the touch screen devices without having to remove their gloves. Customize these with your logo and message to make it great team spirit items. It  will make the employees feel well appreciated while your social commitment gets a high five!

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Hand out Personal Hygiene Items

Long and unkempt nails are the breeding grounds for germs. Encourage your team to keep the nails well trimmed and clean by handing out custom Nail Clippers In Case.

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Another useful handout include custom first aid kits that will keep the users safe and well prepared. Help your team stay healthy and happy with these high utility items that  is always well appreciated!

Stay Safe First Aid Kits

Spread awareness
Make your team ware of the corona virus safety tips and the importance of  personal hygiene through posters and bulletin boards. Encourage the employees to share useful  news paper cuttings or medical reports that the rest of the team may find informative.

Covid 19
Social Distancing

The virus spreads through droplet infection when people come in close contact. It is recommended to keep an ideal distance of 1 meter among the team members,wherever possible.

Social distance

Wear masks
Wearing face mask or gloves are the other safety measures that can be adopted.
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Need more tips to amp up your team during  the Corona outbreak?  Watch this space or join us on facebook to interact.