Wonder Why Enamel Mugs Are perfect for Camping

If  you are  looking for a mug that is travel friendly and trendy and well cut for the rugged outdoors , enamel mugs will make a great choice. feted as the best drinkware choice during camping and other outdoor activities, enamel mugs are here to stay forever.


Reusable and long lasting, enamel mugs will not end up in land fills like disposable mugs. Moreover, once it expires its utility, your recipients can re-purpose it as plant pots or pen caddy .

Long lasting

Designed to last long, enamel mugs will make a great choice for camping trips and adventure travels. Even if you drop it, these sturdy mugs wont break and may just chip in the worst case. Thus, it is safe for kids as well.


Enamel mugs have a cast iron design with enamel coating. It prevents rust and will impart a classic finish for the mugs. Available in various color choices, these retro mugs will look great in all promotional settings as well.


Being comparatively light weight than most other double walled drinkware items, you can easily pack and few mugs in your camping bags without adding weight.


Enamel mugs are freezer safe and can even be used over the fire for a true camping experience.

Budget friendly

Enamel mugs are affordable especially when ordering in bulk. So, if you are planning a mass event like corporate picnics or employee appreciation days, custom enamel mugs will make a great choice.

Great  for the Outdoors

Enamel mugs are great for the outdoors due to the shatter resistant features and high functional features, which will ensure a true camping experience.

Do not retain flavors

Enamel mugs do not retain flavors and will keep the beverages exactly in the same taste. So, you can use this mug for a multitude of beverages right from chilled lemonade to hot cocoa or cold coffee among others.

Low on maintenance

Enamel mugs are easy to care for. It  is dishwasher safe. and can also be hand washed. The low maintenance feature of enamel  mugs make it a great choice for camping and other outdoor activities.

Here are some popular models that you can consider

13 Oz Promotional Stainless Steel Enamel Campfire Mugs made of 304 stainless steel have a tough enamel coating accented with stainless/silver rim. These trendy mugs  have a popular size of 13 Oz, which makes it ideal for a day.

16 Oz Enamel Metal Cups  have an impact-resistant enamel-look finish and a  rolled rim that ensures sipping comfort; customize these with BBQ parties, picnics, camping etc.  Your logo and message printed on these cups will indeed get a long term display.

Need more? Browse our collection of custom campfire mugs to choose a model that will match your needs.