The Art of Matching Summer Swag with Your Event

Summer is indeed the most prospective promotional season for marketers. Reach out to the audience with appropriate custom giveaways to boost the engagement while enhancing your brand exposure. People are a lot happier and more excited throughout the summer months.

Invest in high quality promotional products that will be used throughout the summer to make your business part of their happy vibes. Here are some of the events that will set a great setting for you to display your brand and promote your message.

Close up summer portrait of fashionable pretty woman in straw hat posing on tropical beach. Wearing pink vacation outfit.
Summer Social Events

Summer is indeed the time of the year when many outdoor social events are held. Marketers can hand out printed giveaways that will raise your brand awareness in these settings. Choose from a range of quality promotional products printed with your logo , which will be seen by scores of people.

Holiday events

Golf, hiking and camping holidays are some of the many holiday activities on offer. Marketers can invest in holiday themed handouts like golf umbrellas, bike bottles or folding chairs to get their message across  while enhancing their holiday experience.

Street corner promotions

Fair weather season like summer is also a great time for marketers to plan street corner promotions and advertising. So, invest in budget friendly and compact handouts like sunglasses or can coolers to create a buzz and send home the audience with a piece of  your message.

 How to choose the gifts

Summer promotional products are available in a wide range of models and price rates.

Classic favorites

From classic favorites like sunglasses and cooler bags to something fun like color changing stadium cups for the chilled drinks, you have a lot of options to consider. No matter which of these giveaways are you investing in, your potential clients wont  forget your brand anytime soon!

In tune with the changing times

Tech products printed with your brand and message will indeed make a great handout for the outdoorsy, digital crowd. Some of the gift ideas include wireless speakers, earbuds, powerbanks and more. Designed to complement the life style of the audience ,  custom technology items will obviously make your brand part of their life style.

Ecofriendly products

From solar power banks to pedometers to wheat tumblers and storage containers, you have a lot of options to consider. Wooden pens and  stone coasters will also make great options to highlight your  ecofriendly credentials.

Placing the order

Lastly, if you have a fair idea of the number of people attending your event , it is easier for you to place the order. However, when you are handing out giveaways in association with a product launch, it will hard for you to arrive at an exact number. In such cases, play safe by ordering in bulk to get the best price discounts.

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