Independence Day Marketing Tips That Make Leads Like Never Before

The best thing about American summer is that it takes credit to the national holiday of 4th of July that brings Americans together. Apart from being a proud moment to celebrate freedom and the national pride, it is a great time to enjoy picnics, concerts and fireworks for most people.

Americans splurge big on this occasion, which means that it is great day for businesses as well. Here are some of the best promotional ideas that reflect the Independence Day spirit in its truest sense.

Set up a special Independence Day collection

Creating an American pride-inspired collection will be a great idea. Reports show that custom apparels is one of the most popular patriotic items to own. So, invest in custom giveaways like printed T shirts to drive footfalls and pique interest in the minds of the audience.

Think of other outdoor handouts like hats or sunglasses that your customers will simply love to show off. Add your logo, message or Independence Day artwork to make it limited edition items. Accessories like bandanas will make a delightful addition to your swag list as well. Spread the word about your 4th of July sales through social media to generate interest among the audience.

Red, white, and blue

There can’t be a better way to sum up the American pride than the flag colors of red, white and blue. Stock up products in these colors before running a fun Independence Day promotion. Apart from the flag colors, 4th of July is also about celebrating stars and stripes. Customize products in these designs  to make it engaging for your customers.

Made in the USA products

Reports show that nearly 70% of Americans prefer buying an American-made product while 50% say they’d be willing to pay up to 10% more for it. So, Independence Day is a great time to handout these custom products to your clients and employees. It will make a long lasting reminder of your American pride for your audience; and a solid reason for them to support you more.

Moreover, fireworks are the biggest attraction of 4th of July. People congregate in large numbers to watch this tradition  and hence it will double up as a perfect place to set off marketing campaigns as well. Handout Independence Day giveaways for people who might have assembled to watch fireworks. Water bottles, sunglasses, tote bags are some of the many handouts that can be considered. You can even choose items with metallic finishes to complement the occasion and drive up the fun.

Set up a flash sale

A flash sale will obviously drive up the footfalls to your stores like never before. Offer reduced process for a short period of time that will see people surging the stores. It is indeed a proven way to make new leads and engage existing clients alike.

 Think of more such exciting marketing ideas in the theme of Independence Day, to impress the audience and highlight your national pride.