Top 10 Trending Promotional Items 2020 For The Post Pandemic World

Our lives have changed so quickly in the event of the pandemic. All of a sudden health and wellness products have become the hottest conversation topics all over the world. Marketers tackling the greatest recession since 2nd World War will find these most trending gifts a great way to stay connected with their audience in the new normal world.


As PPE items go main stream, retailers have been pivoting their supply chains to ensure these items for their clients and employees. As personal care and hygiene remains on top of the minds of everyone, health and wellness category has become an area of investment for businesses in the new normal world.

Here are the top 10 promotional items that businesses will find effective in boosting their brand visibility and social responsibility as well.

Hand sanitizers

Probably the only proven way to combat the pandemic is to wash hands frequently and ensure hand hygiene. Hand sanitizers have become crucial in the post pandemic days. Make sure to choose sanitizers with atleast 62% alcohol content to be effective in eliminating most germs and microbes.  Choose from various models like pen sprays, gel, and liquid sanitizers in various types of convenient packs and sizes. Travel size models and carabiner models have been top trending especially among people on the move.

1.8 Oz Hand Sanitizer with Carabiners

Alcohol free hand sanitizers are incredibly popular as well. So, browse all the available options to choose a model that matches with your promotional theme and budget.

10 ml. Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Pens


Though facemasks have been in use to address the pollution concerns in some parts of the world, the pandemic has transformed face masks to a must- have accessory and an accidental fashion trend!  With the mask mandate in place in various parts of the world, facemasks will make a great promotional item in 2020.

Available in various models like reusable masks, disposable masks, respirator masks etc non-medical masks have become a hot category to invest now and in the future. Colored and printed masks and antibacterial masks for children are some of the trending models.

Reusable Cotton Face Masks

Marketers can customize these high utility PPE items with their brand, message and slogans to show that they care and to make their audience feel safe and reassured. Post-pandemic, there will be a steep rise in the demand for antibacterial fabrics and models like cooling towel masks particularly for sports and outdoor gear.

3-Ply Disposable Face Masks

As fashion will continue to evolve, facemasks are all set to undergo a lot of transformation in the days to come as more people return to work, school, public events, holiday trips and other events. Bandanas, neck gaiters and Yowie multi functional rally wear are some of the interesting fashion trends in face coverings. Available in various colors and prints, these accessories are perfect for outdoorsy  crowd and casual events.

9.5x20 Inch Heather-Roadster Yowies

Facemask accessories

Face Mask Ear Savers  will make it easy for your prospects to wear facemasks all day long. These will relieve the pressure off the ears and the discomfort caused by the tugging elastic loops over the ears. These adjustable accessories will easily enhance the comfort level while wearing masks for extended hours.

Printed Face Mask Ear Savers

Mask keepers is another useful item that will enable your prospects to keep the masks at easy access and hygienic when they are not using it.

Printed 3/4 Inch Polyester Mask Keepers

Face shields

Face shields provide a protective cover when in public places and restrict touching the face with your hands. Made from fog-resistant material with comfortable foam forehead rest, these perfect fitting face shields are great giveaways for grocery, food service take out and other service employees.

Full Face Plastic Shields

Reusable Forehead Thermometers

The liquid crystal display that stops at core temperature ensures quick temperature reading; easy to use and reusable, reusable thermometers can be used indoors and at room temperature at home, offices or super markets. These will also make perfect items for First Aid Kits.

Reusable Forehead Thermometers


A pair of gloves is the best way to let your clients and employees stay away from public touch points and filthy surfaces. Available in various models like powder free nitrile gloves and transparent disposable gloves, these make handy addition to the employee’s kits in supermarkets, food delivery services and more.’

Powder Free Nitrile Disposable Gloves

PPE kits

Looking for a comprehensive handout that will cater to all the personal care needs of your recipients? PPE kits will make a smart choice. It contains all the basic essential items like  3 layer face mask, a pair of disposable Nitrile gloves, hand sanitizer etc. Make use of the ample room for customization to get your message out to your prospects. For businesses that are reopening, these will also make great welcome back gifts for their employees.

Printed PPE Value Kit

Anti Germ Utility Tools

 Necessity is indeed the mother of invention! Check out these innovative no-touch tools that will help people to stay away from filthy surfaces as they perform their routine tasks like opening the doors, pressing the elevator buttons etc. Choose from various handy models like those with stylus pens, keychains etc.  Get your logo and message imprinted on these to make it a high visibility handout for your clients and crew.

Printed Freedom Key Stainless Steel No-Touch Tools

Wet wipes

An easy way to keep your hands and work desks, wet wipes are especially convenient for employees and people on the move. Choose from various models and package options. Trending models like wet wipes with Benzalkonium Chloride as active ingredient is a safe option for kids as this wont sting like alcohol wipes.

Printed 10 Piece Antibacterial Sanitizer Wet Wipes

Hot and cold packs

Hot and cold packs are available in various delightful shapes and in all popular sizes. These top trending wellness items are handy for sore muscles, pain, stiff joint and other minor issues. Refrigerate it or heat it up to make it a handy cold compress or hot compress as desired. Highly useful these custom wellness products will   make a great choice especially for the upcoming travel oriented holiday season.

Round Aqua Pearls Hot and Cold Packs

We have an exclusive section of personal care items that will help your logo stay on top of the trends in PPE. So, if you have been looking for the most trending and relevant handouts for your prospects, we have got you covered. For more tips and assistance, feel free to contact our product experts and get started on a sure footing.