Printed Sticky Notes –  The Fun Way To Communicate Your Message

In the digital world of emails and online messages, sticky notes still enjoy a prominent place in the business world for communication.  These old school desk accessories will make it easy to scribble  or  doodle  your message, instructions, thanks or feelings the best way possible.

Employees can use it to convey information, pass instructions or even to invite their peers for their weekend party! Causal and colorful, sticky notes enable us all to rediscover the charm of hand written notes in the world of digital communication.

Sticky note mockups on a white wall

Sticky note mockups on a white wall

Budget friendly and highly practical, sticky notes will make great employee gifts, tradeshow swag and store promotional items. Versatile and popular,  these items will take your message right on to the work desks of your clients and customers. Whether it is to note down a  message, scribble down a phone number or make a drawing, it’s hard to beat the popularity of these work desk companions.

Sticky Notes in Leather Look Holders

Originally  invented  by the 3M corporation, these small stripes of paper with semi adhesive backing made it easy for employees to stay organized and keep track of their schedules. It can be attached to  their computers, work desks or cubicles which increases its chance of being read! Easy to remove after use or reposition without leaving behind any residual adhesive, sticky notes are a great way for the busy employees to remember things .

Mini Sticky Notes Caddy

Anything imprinted on these colorful sticky notes will serve as a constant reminder in front  of the eyes. It is hard to overlook these  flashy stripes of paper that will also bring in a pop of color to the plain work desks! Available in various models and price rates, sticky notes  make value added work desk items that your recipients will truly cherish.

 In an office environment the sticky note is a must have item. Let’s be frank about it! It is easy to miss an email communication or there is risk for it to get delivered in the spam box- all of which might lead to miscommunication or time lapse between correspondence.

Custom Logo Imprinted Yellow Sticky Notes

Ensure timely communication with custom sticky notes that are hard to miss. Unlike  other modes of communication that wait  till the recipients decides to check their mails, sticky notes can be pasted on computer screen or desk top where it will never be missed. These are inherently superior in ensuring timely delivery of your message to the right person prompting immediate action!

Sticky notes are highly rated for its undeniable office utility. So, if you need a promotional item that people will simply love to keep on hand and  use in their daily lives, sticky notes could well be your choice!