Awesome Swag Ideas And Party Tips For Fall Season Events

As we move forward from all things summer like cook out parties and beach fun to usher in the fall season and its pumpkin flavors, here are some swag ideas and weekend fun activities that you will find interesting.


  1. Halloween- Jack-o’-lantern Carving and Decorating

Pumpkin carving and decorating Jack-o’-lanterns  have been a tradition  of Halloween. Inspire your clients and employees to come up with the best carved pumpkins with a fun contest. Custom knife sets, aprons and cutting boards will make useful swag ideas for those who love pumpkin carving.

For those who are not in a mood to carve, you can hand out pumpkin themed bags or Halloween gifts bags as favors to celebrate the Halloween fun. Even colored pencils or crayons will make a great choice to decorate and fill colors to the pumpkins .

Custom Orange Frosted Pumpkin Shopper Bags

  1. Seasonal apparels

Fall season is also the time to layer up and stock up some warmers into the wardrobes. Offer your clients or employees jackets, beanies or picnic blankets to stay cozy and warm. Your brand and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention for sure.

Men's Flint Lightweight Jackets

  1. Pumpkin Flavors

Fall is famous for pumpkin spice and the countless forms that it may assume. From breakfast pastries, dog treats and even deodorant, it is the time to celebrate the soothing and mushy flavor of pumpkin spice at its best!

Inspire your clients and employees to brew a pumpkin spice latte at home or at work by handing out a classic ceramic coffee mug. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes- from the jumbo sized models for the hardcore fans of pumpkin latte to pint sized cups for the less enthusiastic – you have it all and more here!

  1. Homely meals

Cooking a chili seasoning at home is another must-do activity in fall season. Handout some new recipe ideas for your recipients to inspire them to come up with the best flavors of the  season. Custom cookbook or aprons will make it easy for them to prepare their special meals and  fall season favorites.

Cotton Cooking Aprons

  1. Hiking and camping holidays

The pleasant weather is an incentive for planning a hiking or camping holiday in fall season. Breathe mountain fresh crisp air, watch the leaves change color and indulge in some of the best outdoor activities of the year. Backpacks and insulated drinkware items make great handouts that can be considered.

Beanies and toques  are  fabulous choices for fall promotions. These will enhance the style and keep them safe from the nip in the air at the high altitudes. Plus it comes in various color choices and your logo can be embroidered.

Knit Pom Striped Beanie with Cuff

  1. Celebrating Football

Football themed gifts or apparels in your home team colors will make perfect swag  for the after a touchdown this fall! Customize it with your design and logo to make it interesting.

Printed Football Shape Stress Relievers

  1. Movie magic

The fall season holidays may be back to movie sessions for most people. Handout your recipients interesting giveaways like custom popcorn or pretzels that will drive up the movie experience plus keep your message in plain view. Custom fleece blanket will make another gift option to consider.

Popcorn Gourmet Gift Box with Cheese Popcorn

Change of season will bring in a spate of new activities and fun ideas for your prospects. Get them the most appropriate gifts for the season and make use of the promo opportunity that it offers.