Tips to Make Your Custom Gifts Truly special

Are you tired of the same old promotional giveaways that you see around you?

Offer something exceptional to your customers with a bit of creative ideas. See how easily you can spin on standard giveaways to make them extraordinary. So, get ready to take your branding to new heights, with these top tips that will ensure a magical effect for your branding.

A trendy packaging means a lot

An elegant package can indeed make a lot of difference to your promotional gift. Choose high quality product packaging to make your gifts stand out easily and make the best first impression.Moreover, choose package options that complement your corporate colors or ecofriendly traits to make it more meaningful.

Go  Green!

Green marketing is undoubtedly a rage nowadays. So, why not join the bandwagon of green advocates to make a positive impact on your customers. It will surely highlight your social commitment as well. Choose from various materials like paper, cork , wood wheat grass and more.

Choose Multi-Functional giveaways

Offering more  for your customers will indeed evoke bigger reciprocity in their minds. For instance, if you are thinking of keychains as your gifts, opt for combo models like bottle opener keychains or tape measure keychains rather than ordinary keychains.  Higher the utility better will be their brand engagement.  It will give your recipients more reasons to love your brand and to talk and think about your message.

Think of Portable items

Think of portable gifts like pens, tech accessories or drinkware items that your customers can take wherever they go. So, your message will also go the distance and make impressions on the go!

Swag bags are proven winners

You can pack complementary products together to make them value added. For instance, if you are planning to put together a swag bag for your employees, consider office staples like pens, notepads, paper clips, planners and similar items.  Likewise if you wish to set up a grooming kit for your travelling clientele, think of nail cutters, mirror, hot and cold packs, lip balms and other gifts that go together. It is the right time to highlight your  company’s creativity.

Customization is the key

What makes your gifts stand out is the incredible customization method that you choose. Choosing the right printing method  will take your branding up a notch. For instance, if you are considering metal or wooden pens as your gifts,  laser engraving will be the best customization method as it will bring alive even highly detailed designs. Embossing and debossing will add an interesting feel to  gifts like leather keychains.

 No matter what technique you chose, always make sure that your branding is easily recognizable. Reach out to our designers for assistance. If you find this post interesting, be the first to share the post and spread the word.