12 days of promotional ideas: Christmas Edition!

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Christmas is just around the corner. The fun and festive vibes are here and if you observe keenly, you could even hear sleigh bells jingling around! You could see a Christmas glow in everybody you see!

Christmas is the most dynamic season for a sale and there is so much to prepare. But if you think you got enough time for Christmas to pick your sale up, you are damn wrong! In a survey, it says, 23 per cent of consumers will finish their holiday shopping by the end of November! This means you could only focus on that remaining 77% of people if you are starting your sale in December! So, according to the audience, Christmas sale on November or December is way too late, buddy! Anyway, if haven’t started your Christmas promotions yet, don’t be panic, because we’ve got you something to pull off!

It’s almost the second week of December, which means, holidays are fast approaching. So here’s the thing. We are announcing 12 days of promotional ideas to make your Christmas sale into one of the best sales ever! For this plan, you have to start on the 14th of December. You will have to do some crazy promotions from the 14th until Christmas day to make your promotions successful. So let’s dig in! We’ll begin from day 1!


erika-giraud-H6xKnDKrKDk-unsplashDay 1 of your promotion is so important. This is where you kick start and it needs maximum attention. And for that, the best thing you can do is to sell gift vouchers. Create a Christmas Gift voucher for your audience; make it a giveaway on a purchase or a discount offer as you like. All you have to do is to distribute these gift vouchers among your audience! Piece of Cake, right?!! Once your audience receives these gift vouchers, they would definitely take a look into it; even if they are done with their holiday purchases!



erik-mclean-MTPTDfqzSuU-unsplashYou see two exquisite shops right in front of you. Both are way too good and have the item at roughly the same price. The only difference is, one of them is decorated for the holidays and the other one is not bothered! So which one do you prefer?

Be it your local store or your online store, decorations are a must. Stores and businesses decorated for the holiday create a positive feeling in customers. Create holiday-themed landing pages for your website and get holiday content for your online shop.


jose-maria-sava-yHoIcl8v3zM-unsplashYou have done the gift vouchers part. Now, you should let your customers know what’s going on in your store! Make a flyer with your super-cool holiday offers and distribute it among your prospects. If your offers are really attractive, then get ready for the best of season’s sale.





webaroo-com-au-3Mhgvrk4tjM-unsplashThis is simply the digital form of what you have done on the third day! Well, but on day three, you were focusing on your prospective customers and now you are focusing on your existing client line! Segment your customers into groups based on their interests and buying behaviors to send targeted discounts and recommend the most relevant items. You could even set combo offers for your existing patrons so that they feel special being your regular customers.




Everybody loves free stuff, right? So here is the thing. Announce a one-day Sweepstakes in your store. The thing you focus here is maximum footfalls. Every hour, one random shopper should get a prize. You just have to announce this one or two days prior to the event to make the most out of it. And regarding the gift, try not to pull out some random stuff. Get promotional products! Print your brand name and Christmas message on some promotional goodies and give it away to your lucky winners every hour! Wanna know where you could get cool Christmas promotional products? Check this link! https://www.proimprint.com/




veeterzy-b_xciWkK8Pc-unsplashSince we had a loud promotion on Day 5, let take things a bit slow on day 6! On day 5, you might have taken pictures and videos of your event right! We are making use of it on Day 6! Publish these videos and images to your social media channels and tag the winners in the post. This will get you a deeper reach among your prospects! Take “winner reaction” videos and “unboxing the present” videos for more engagement. You could even ask for feedback to the customer and publish it on your social media. Make your interactions as cool as possible on day 5 and show it to your audience on day 6! This is how you reach out to your customers!




15837003498_e5600e123a_bGet in the holiday spirit with Christmas photo booth props. Get some cool Christmas props such as personalized Santa hats, Printed candy cane wands, Custom Printed Sun Stache Santa Sunglasses, Promotional Ethnic Santa Mask with Elastic Band, Customized LED Reindeer Antler Headbands, Custom Funny Moustache Santa Glasses, Promotional Frosty Christmas Tree Light Up Wands etc.



edward-cisneros-O6VGnJeWo7c-unsplashOn day 8, get some artists/singers to your store and let them make a performance in front of your audience. You can make it more Christmassy by bringing a Carol group to your store. When there is music in your store, people will surely notice and make an entry to your store.





CHRISTMAS SaleSet a sale day to your store. Give discount offers for this particular day! You could also try this in your e-commerce platform by giving coupon codes! Make it exclusive for a day so that you get more sales on that exact day. Make sure that your customers know about these sales going on prior to the event.






aaron-burden-1XeeHt9APXY-unsplashDay 10 is almost Christmas guys! You are one day behind Christmas eve and everybody around you will have that excitement on their face. On this day, you should give your customers a holiday greeting card! Make it simple and pleasant. Add your wishes on these cards with your logo printed on it.





ben-white-eRMTy4RqULg-unsplashChristmas Eve! Is there any better day to give gifts to your customers? Set small gifting for all purchase above a particular amount. Make use of promotional products for this day as it holds your brand logo. Get promotional calendars to your customers as a complimentary gift! They will keep these calendars for the whole year!




kira-auf-der-heide-BkigsnKJK34-unsplashThe Final day! Its Christmas guys! This is where you get a solid finish to your promotion. Make it remarkable with a grand giveaway! Announce your giveaway a couple of days before with an engaging post or game on social media and let your audience interact with you. Choose someone from them and arrange a grand prize on Christmas day! After all, it’s Christmas, you cannot step down without a high note!


This year, try something new as part of your Christmas promotions!