8 Personalized Bar accessories to make your promotions get high!

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Shaken or stirred, on the rocks or maybe Straight-up! It’s easy for you to make your customers get high; you just have to pour some shots and take them to some of your drink ventures. But have you ever thought of your own promotions? Is it high yet? If not, take 3 minutes from your life and read ahead!

You are familiar with happy hours, party nights and special events but sometimes, you might have faced slow night slumps in your business. It’s a higher degree competition out there. So if you want to be in front, you need some upgrades.

So we just put together a list of something you could use, to promote your business, taking your sales to the very next level. Upgrade your business with these cool personalized bar accessories and take your business into a game-changing one!

Okay, so the first thing you have to do is to personalize everything in your name. Everything in your bar should define you, your brand name and logo. By personalizing, you make yourself as a strong brand. Personalizing can be done from regular products itself. Personalizing can be done for your employees and your customers. Now, let’s get to know some personalized bar accessories.

Custom Imprinted Red Wine Aerators


All your wines are kept in stock for a long time. And obviously, the longer they stay, the tastier they become. But since they are locked up for a long time, it is necessary to make them refreshed while serving. This is where you could use the help of an aerator. Aerators are exclusively used for Red Wines. Wines when aerated, feel fresh and light; the Aeration process makes the wine flavorful and aromatic. Get personalized aerators for your bars; print your brand name on these aerators and serve refreshed smooth wine!

Bar Aprons


Aprons are not only for protecting, but it also carries the brand identity as well. Custom imprinted bar aprons are perfect to generate brand awareness. These aprons will protect your employee’s clothing from spills and stains. Get custom imprinted full aprons or waist aprons for your employees with your brand name printed on it. Aprons can help promote the company’s brand as they hold the identity of your bar. Get customized aprons for your employees and establish your brand name on your employees.

Promotional Double Wine Kooler Bags

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Now if you are actually looking for something to gift your customers as part of the promotions, this where you should stop. The most popular way to promote your bar is by gifting wine bags. And mostly these are made of paper or non-woven materials. So how do you bring some uniqueness to your wine bags? Let’s make it extra special! Get promotional double wine kooler bags! You can hold two bottles in this bag and more than that, they are cooler bags! Gift these logos imprinted cooler bags to your customers when they make a purchase!

Customized Drinkware


If you are not promoting your brand through your beer mugs or wine glasses, trust us, you are still amateurs! Get your logo and brand name printed on your beer mugs and wine glasses, because that’s the primary step in promoting your business. You can even gift these mugs to your customers, helping them remind your brand frequently. Order your set of custom drinkware and take your promotions to the very next level.

Promotional Logo Vino Wine Openers


Corkscrews and wine openers are necessary for any bar or any restaurant! So why can’t you make it personalized then? Customized bottle openers make a standard promotional product. You can also gift these among your employees and of course, to your customers. Print your brand name to all your wine openers and make an identity of your own! Personalized wine openers let you stand out while promoting our brand.

Custom Imprinted Executive Wine Collectors Set


Every employee in your company should have one of these! Wine Collector set is a perfect package to your employee and it contains nine-piece wine set items including a foil seal cutter, an ergonomic bottle opener, drip ring, pourer, thermometer, two replacement corkscrew bits and two wine stoppers. All these items are concealed in a polished wooden box that features your brand name and identity. This is perfect for all the wine connoisseurs out there. Make sure that you get these cases for your employees right away.

Logo Imprinted Connoisseur Wine Stoppers


These are the perfect showstoppers! With every wine bottle, you sell to your customers, you can hand out these! Logo imprinted connoisseur wine stoppers are necessary for every wine lovers out there. Get personalized wine stoppers and give them out to your customers.  This wine stopper bears a low profile design that allows the bottle to be kept in a refrigerator.

Custom Printed Emoticon Bottle Openers


Yet another budget-friendly promotional gift to your employees and customers! Custom printed emoticon bottle openers can attract the attention easily towards your brand logo.  They are indeed the best options we are presenting to make your promotions effective! Imprint your brand logo to these trendy emoticon shaped custom bottle openers and give it away to your customers.

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