Tips to Help your Employees to Switch Back to Office Working Mode

As lock down restrictions are easing and more employees returning back to the office after a fairly long break, it is time for businesses to plan their business strategies, post lock down. Some employees especially the new recruits may feel a bit uneasy about working in a physical environment and having face to face interactions after a long time of virtual meetings and Zoom interactions. Adjusting to life back in the office could be challenging for your team, even though they love their jobs and their peers.


Here are some handy tips that will help your employees to make a smooth transition to office mode.

Start the day with a stand-up meeting

A stand up meeting is a great way to update about the latest happenings in office including new appointments, projects and short term objectives on the anvil. It is a great ice breaker to get everyone talking and exchanging pleasantries as they come out of their self-exile.

Welcome gifts

Welcome gifts will make a great way to make your employees feel special and appreciated. Whether it a notepad or a tumbler imprinted with your logo, a thank you message or an inspirational quote, it will make a great handout to make your employees feel happy and united as a team.

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Handing out personalized gifts like office staples  or tech accessories will help your team readjust with the busy office mode of functioning. The best part is that it needn’t be expensive either considering the countless corporate gift ideas on offer in virtually every price rate.

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Make everyone feel safe against health risks

Employees may naturally feel anxious about the health risks as they return to the office. Set up sanitization stations and stock up custom face masks at pantries, reception desks and at work stations. Posters on hand hygiene can be put up in strategic spots. Floor decals and stickers will help the employees to follow social distancing rules , if any, in office.

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A relaxed dress code

Your employees are used to working in casual apparels like  jeans or even their pajamas all these days. A casual dress code for a limited time will go a long way in easing them back into their routine and make them feel at home- literally!

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Flexible working hours

You can also offer the employees the convenience of flexible working hours or a split working pattern where they can work at home and office alternatively. It will take the stress out of employees as they make a full transition to office mode of working pattern.

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