Custom Beach Towels- Pedigree Summer Giveaways That are Hard to Resist

Planning summer giveaways for summer events and business promotions? Consider beach towels to be a part of your marketing mix! It is a no brainer why beach towels make a veritable item in summer promotions for all types of marketers. All roads lead to the beach in summer season, so there can’t obviously be a better choice to get your message out into the audience than custom beach towels.


Limitless options

Offered in a wide range of colors and models in every price rate, custom beach towels have a generous imprint space for your creative message and artwork. Studies show that consumers are more likely to connect with businesses that offer them high-quality and practical promotional products. This is what makes towels a favorite choice. Enhance the beach fun and outdoor holiday experience while ensuring a consistent brand display with custom beach towels.

Beach Towels

Easy to customize

Personalize it with interesting taglines, artwork, puzzles or cartoon figurines depending on how you wish  your marketing theme to be. A branded towel that is spread out on the sandy shores will catch the attention of everyone around. It often doubles up as a banter topic about your business among everyone on the beach. Enhance interest and engagement of potential customers with full color imprinted beach towels that will make heads turn and make your handouts dramatically stunning.

Printed Lightweight Kiwi Beach Towels


Beach towels are designed to last long and your prospects will be using these for years on end before they need a new one. Just think of the countless impressions that logo towels make during its long shelf life.

Customized Midweight Colored Beach Towels


Beach towels can be used in various ways to enhance your promotional plan. It makes an ideal choice as raffle prizes or contest gifts and a clever way for beach resorts and beach holiday planners to engage the prospects with their message and draw them closer to their brand.

Beach towels make excellent welcome bag items for beach resorts and hotels. Everyone will love to get these high utility handouts of beach towels that are useful in the golf greens, camping holidays, road trips and a lot more situations – beyond the beach and the sea side!

30x60 Inch Custom Imprinted Beach Towels

Every time they see your logo and message they will be reminded of the wonderful holiday they had and the happy memories they made then. It will create a stronger bonding in them with your brand. This emotional connection will inspire them to reach out to your business every time they need products or services similar to those offered by your business.

How has been your experience of using custom beach towels in brand promotions?