The Best Promotional Giveaways For National Peanuts Day

Have fun and go nuts on September 13th as the nation celebrates yet another peanuts day! So, what are you waiting for? Crack open a few peanuts and celebrate the day in style. For marketers looking for a fun and delectable way to promote their logo, peanut’s day will make a good option.

promotional candy window tin filled with peanuts

Did you know that George Washington Carver is considered the father of the peanut industry as he discovered over 300 uses for peanuts? Peanuts make store houses of over 30 essential nutrients and phytonutrients and are rich in niacin, vitamin E, folate, fiber, magnesium and phosphorus. Free from trans-fats and sodium, peanuts contain about 25% protein- way more than most other nuts. The best thing is that peanuts have no cholesterol, which makes it a popular snack and superfood of even the weight watchers.

promotional large gourmet plastic tube with peanuts

Peanut Day gives a wonderful occasion where you can include some peanuts into everyone’s diet as snacks or sauce. ProImprint has a range of custom peanuts for every occasion. Hand out peanut gift boxes at community events or tradeshows or educate your patrons about this special day with mass mailer peanut gift items. We have an impressive selection of promotional gifts for nut lovers that will give them a special reason to celebrate their favorite legume and eat what they really crave for! Not sure of allergies? Settle for peanut shaped promotional gifts like stress relievers and drive home the message safely and in style!

National peanuts day is also the perfect occasion to run awareness campaigns on nut allergy as millions of people are allergic to peanuts. So make this day something more than just the celebration of peanuts by spreading awareness of the health risk of nut allergy. You can educate teachers, camp counselors, and restaurant employees about the dangers of peanut allergies, which will go a long way in saving lives. You can even avoid the risks of allergies and have some fun with peanut shaped promotional items. Check out these peanut shaped stress relievers that will make perfect hand outs to your employees or patrons to commemorate this day and as a fun supplement to remember the history of peanuts.

Check out our lineup of peanut shaped promotional items that are well suited to promote nut shops, restaurants, food expos and much more.

Promotional Candy Window Tin Filled with Peanuts will make a delightful gift for your nut crazy clientele. Imprint your logo and message on these stylish containers to enjoy a long retention as people will refill these stylish boxes with their favorite treats everytime the container gets empty! Logo Imprinted Small Bountiful Bags Filled with Honey Roasted Peanuts will make a perfect option for mailer campaigns and festive gift boxes. Everyone will surely love to guzzle up these crispy delights and every time they pop a few nuts, your logo and message will get into a stop spin. From custom peanuts to imprinted peanut bags, ProImprint has it all and more to make both your national peanuts day celebration and brand promotion equally memorable.

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