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Promotional Medium Jenny Billboard Cello Bags Filled with Trail Mix

Celebration Tips And Gift Ideas To Celebrate National Better Breakfast Month Posted on September 5, 2015

September is National Better Breakfast month when everyone can strive to eat a healthy breakfast. It is the best time for marketers in the food and hospitality industry like catering services, restaurants and hotels to promote healthy breakfast ideas among their patrons through appropriate custom gifts. Wish your team or your family could be more […]

promotional candy window tin filled with peanuts

The Best Promotional Giveaways For National Peanuts Day Posted on September 3, 2015

Have fun and go nuts on September 13th as the nation celebrates yet another peanuts day! So, what are you waiting for? Crack open a few peanuts and celebrate the day in style. For marketers looking for a fun and delectable way to promote their logo, peanut’s day will make a good option. Did you […]

Custom 8.12 Inch Plush Big Paw Bear With Shirts

Pamper Your Patrons With Stuffed Toy Gifts On Teddy Bear Day Posted on September 3, 2015

September 9th is Teddy bear day and everyone will love to remain with their cuddly teddy bears all day! So, why not hand out our adorable stuffed and plush animals among everyone that will make your logo as lovable as these cute toys. Let’s admit it! Teddy bears bring back nostalgic memories of childhood and […]

promotional hunt valley 10x25 excursion binoculars

How To Celebrate Fall Holidays With Holiday Promotional Products Posted on August 26, 2015

Let’s be frank about it! Autumn is the perfect time of the year to celebrate. From Oktoberfest gatherings to football games and the Thanksgiving Day parade, with countless food and drink events in between, fall season has no dearth of reasons to celebrate. Make the most of the celebration mood by choosing the best and […]

custom printed jaffa atlas

Budget Friendly Promotional Tips For Non – Profit Organizations Posted on August 26, 2015

A modest promotional budget has always been one of the biggest challenges for any nonprofit organization. Brand building and standing ahead among the competitors require strategic planning. Creating an emotional connection and engagement with your brand is the best way to tell about your brand. Branded story telling makes the core activity of any successful […]

custom imprinted 4 in 1 laser pointers

Why Use Custom Light Up Pens In Promotional Merchandising? Posted on August 19, 2015

Anything that glitters will readily catch the attention of everyone. Add this to something as useful as pens and you have got a sure fire promotional product that will get your logo displayed forever. To draw the eye balls, these custom lightup pens come with a brilliant beam of light that shines through the clear […]

6 to 8 99 Sq in Custom Die Cut Magnets Outdoor Safe

Car Magnets Will Make Portable Billboards For Your Business Posted on July 21, 2015

Let’s be open about it. Cars that sport brilliantly colored and quirky themed car magnets always attract a lot of attention at the traffic lights, parking lots and even when they are moving on the roads. Have we all strained our necks to catch a closer glimpse of cars that sport these colorful magnet billboards? […]

16 oz customized whitner aromatherapy wax candles

Aromatherapy Products – Freshen Up Your Promotional Campaign With Ease Posted on July 21, 2015

The mere mention of aromatherapy will bring out images of dimly lit scented candles, herbal incense sticks, herbal oils and flavors wafting in the air. Aromatherapy is pure bliss and indulgence for anyone as it helps them to unwind after a long day at work. Aromatherapy had been in existence since 11th century among several […]

customized 3 piece bbq set with apron

Logo BBQ Set Will Let You Cook Up A Successful Promotion Posted on July 20, 2015

Nothing explains summer season in the US better than the wafting aroma of grilling steak on a backyard barbecue! So, make sure that you have the best promotional gift in town to attract your holiday making customers with these custom BBQ sets from ProImprint. We have a fabulous range of promotional barbecue sets in all […]

promotional square shaped car sun shades

Custom Sun Shades – The Best Summer Promotional Gift You Can Ask For Posted on July 17, 2015

The fun of an elaborate shopping stint or a hotly fought baseball match can all go down the drains when someone has to get into a scalding hot car that was parked in the open for hours together. Comfort your customers with these custom Sun Shades from ProImprint which will keep their car cool no […]