Custom Sun Shades – The Best Summer Promotional Gift You Can Ask For

The fun of an elaborate shopping stint or a hotly fought baseball match can all go down the drains when someone has to get into a scalding hot car that was parked in the open for hours together. Comfort your customers with these custom Sun Shades from ProImprint which will keep their car cool no matter how their temper is!

promotional square shaped car sun shades

Auto sun shades make essential summer accessories for any auto owner whereas the massive imprint area of these items will make these inevitable marketing tools in any advertiser’s arsenal. Marketers who may be drawing up a list of summer promotional gifts for their customers cannot afford to overlook these handy sun shades that will offer a respite from the stinging sun to their recipients.

These light weight sunshields that are held in place with the sun visors are collapsible for easy storage. Your recipients will never get caught unawares on a sweltering day out with these handy sun shades. The massive imprint area will highlight your logo and business message for the world outside to see! Block the sun and not your logo with these sunshades that your customers are sure to find useful on any sunny day all through the summer months.

custom logo imprinted car sun shades

Hand these logo products during tradeshows, auto expos and events and see how these mobile billboards will leave the best impressions of your logo in the minds of your recipients. The generous imprint area coupled with a wide angle visibility will ensure a great brand exposure at easy prices for businesses pitching for a budget friendly brand campaign.

Custom car window shades will bring down the car’s interior temperature by keeping it well shielded from the sun even when parked outdoors for a long time. We have a large selection of sunshades at ProImprint to match your brand theme No matter whatever model you opt to choose, these promotional goods will display your logo when their cars are moving or are parked at the mall, beach, concert venues or sports venues.

It is hard to find many other promo goods in this price range that can match the promotional capacity of these logo sun shades. The best part is that these not just display your logo to the car owner recipient, but anyone walking past the car that ensure a heady dose of publicity for your brand. Custom car shades make excellent gifts to promote your body shop, auto show, spa, beauty salon and any business that wishes to reach out to the 16+ crowd!

We bet, your recipients will love your custom car sun shades and will use them every time they park their car in the summer. So, choose from a range of custom auto accessories from ProImprint, imprint your business message and hand out to your customers to ensure a sunny make over for your logo this season.

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