Celebration Tips And Gift Ideas To Celebrate National Better Breakfast Month

September is National Better Breakfast month when everyone can strive to eat a healthy breakfast. It is the best time for marketers in the food and hospitality industry like catering services, restaurants and hotels to promote healthy breakfast ideas among their patrons through appropriate custom gifts.

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Wish your team or your family could be more productive and active? Consider breakfast. A weight management plan on cards? Again eating breakfast is the secret of success? Want your kids to perform better in school? The answer is breakfast yet again.

Breakfast is the first and the most important meal of the day as it helps everyone to start their day on a positive note. Studies show that a healthy breakfast can enhance the mental and physical performance and ensure better moods and weight management benefits alike. A healthy breakfast need not be an elaborate meal but even a simple meal can be made wholesome by including vegetables, fiber and antioxidants that provide energy and nutrients to jump start your day.

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So, if you are looking for a perfect promotional gift to promote your hotel or restaurant during the better breakfast month, take a look at some of our gift ideas that will not just promote your logo but a healthy food habit as well among your patrons.

Custom Lunch/Food Storage : Often people skip breakfast as they don’t have time for it in the busy morning hours. By handing out these custom lunch and food storage items that will keep their breakfast fresh and hot for hours together, you can promote a healthy breakfast habit along with your message. Every time they relish a tasty breakfast, your logo will buy instant attention from everyone around.

Fruit infusers: Let your recipients enjoy the natural goodness of fruits and juices with these custom infusers. Personalized fruit infusers allow them to add their favorite herbs or fruits into the infuser to make it tasty, wholesome and natural drink. Every time they grab their favorite fruit drink, your brand logo gets a shot.

Nuts: Custom nuts that are available in a range of choices including cashew nuts, peanuts, pistachios and fruits and trail mix among others make a wonderful handout during this month. Packed with nutrients and calories, these make healthy breakfast ideas too. Imprint the logo and message of your hotel or catering services on these and see how your brand becomes part of this commendable social cause.

Car magnets: Imprint your logo, special dining offers, discounts and gifts for the better breakfast month of September on these magnets. Every time your catering and delivery vans go on a service call, your logo will enjoy a wide angle display. You can also gift food shaped magnets to your diners as referral bonus or discount coupons to promote your logo along with a healthy habit.

ProImprint has a range of promotional gifts in all possible rates that match this theme. The best thing is that these gifts can also be used as personal gifts, party favors or employee gifts. Shop today!

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