Custom Peanuts – Promo Gifts That Will Bring You Visibility At Very Low Price

Looking for a promotional gift that will cost you just peanuts? Here comes our custom logo peanuts! Healthy and calorie packed, peanuts are well suited for all age groups and dietary habits as well. So, if you have been searching for a popular promotional gift that will promote your brand plus a healthy living tip to your recipients, look no further than custom peanuts. Imprint your logo, text or artwork on custom peanuts that are offered in a range of packing options including sachets, pouches and plastic tubes among others to ensure a wide angle display for your brand.

candy bags with logo imprinted header cards

These salty and savory snacks will make perfect options for holidays, parties and appreciation events too! Your employees too will find these nutty favors cool options to keep them well filled and as handy grubs on the go. Custom peanuts make excellent business promotional products during tradeshows, mailer campaigns, events and conventions among others.

With the holiday season on top gear, personalized peanut sachets will be a huge hit as these make perfect grubs on the move. Be it at the park, the beach or the camping grounds, peanuts will keep your recipients energetic and sprightly without adding on to their fat mass.

custom chairman gift box cashews pistachios peanuts mixed nuts

Packed with over thirty nutrients, peanuts make tasty fillers for kids as well. With the risk of obesity is looming large among the youth in the country, including peanuts in their daily life can make a sea change in their health.

People will surely thank your brand for being committed to their health every time they munch these tasty delights. Peanuts are something that not many people can resist and receiving a rather unusual gift at any outdoor event or tradeshow will easily grab a few eyeballs towards your logo. The low price rates of these promo gifts give the added advantage of mass distribution for the advertisers and assured leads in the days to come.

ProImprint has a range of custom peanut gift options to choose from. Large Gourmet Plastic Tube with Peanuts will ensure great exposure for your logo and make unique hand outs. The best thing is that your recipients will continue to fill these with their favorite toffees or nuts and your brand will get an extended exposure. Small Bountiful Bags Filled with Honey Roasted Peanuts also make excellent crowd pleasers as these header bags filled with honey roasted peanuts will impress the recipients as tradeshow gifts, mailer items or gift box items.

Custom peanuts can be handed out alone or as part of a gift box and no matter how you hand these out to your recipients, people will surely love to get these edible delights anytime. So if you want to surprise your guests, then buy these promotional gifts in bulk from ProImprint for the best deals.

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