Custom Glass Water Bottles – Make Your Message Crystal Clear!

Water bottles are one of the most popular promotional items and it is not hard to understand why. Everyone needs to hydrate regularly to remain healthy and active. Did you know that over 60% of adult human body is water? So, it is important to  replenish water that we lose during  our daily activities  because  you  cannot  survive much longer without something to drink.


Promotional water bottles  enjoy portability and make  a walking talking billboard for your business. A trendy water bottle will make yet another tempting way  for people to carry their own beverages wherever they go.

if you’re looking for a promotional water bottle which will be popular across all audience groups, look no further than glass water bottles. These borosilicate glass bottles are tougher yet lighter and have a higher shock and impact resistance  than traditional glass bottles.

 As glass is a natural product it won’t affect the quality of the liquids stored within or change its taste by retaining the flavor of the drinks carried earlier. It is an important feature, particularly when you are consuming a drink like water, there should not be any contaminating taste. The inert nature of glass makes it a safe packaging option for food stuff.

Though glass bottles do not have a high level insulation, the  internal temperature of a glass bottle can be maintained with a neoprene sleeve, which will also offer dual imprint space and protect the bottle from impact and breakage.

Glass bottles are indeed making a comeback! Check out a few trending models.

 24 Oz Promotional Synergy Glass Sports Bottles with a screw-on, spill-resistant lid and easy carry handle is a great choice. Offered in a range of scintillating colors, these  BPA free bottles will make a great handout for clients and customers. Your logo and message will literally pop from the solid background of these bottles.

24 Oz Promotional Synergy Glass Sports Bottles

Printed 18 Oz Infuser Glass Bottles: These attractive clear bottles with accent rubber grips will make a welcome addition to the drinkware collection of your recipients. These trendy bottles set a perfect backdrop for your promo message.

18 Oz Infuser Glass Bottles

20 Oz Lela Glass Bottles: These high borosilicate glass  bottles with silicone sleeve screw on, spill-resistant lid and  wide mouth opening will tug the hearts of the onlookers with its vibrant color choices. These BPA free bottles will make a great handout for a healthy branding promotion while your audience gets a stylish way to stay hydrated.

20 Oz Lela Glass Bottles

18 Oz Dartmouth Glass Bottles: Your message imprinted on these bottles will hit the bull’s eye literally thanks to its attractive design and color choices.  Brand it to make your logo fresh in the minds of your audience for a long time to come

18 Oz Dartmouth Glass Bottles

18 Oz Promotional Haven Glass Bottles Presented in lively color variants, these  glass bottles will keep your brand name right on the  finger tips literally! Ideal for all types of promotional events and brands, these make handouts with high perceived value.

18 Oz Promotional Haven Glass Bottles

Celebrate the nostalgic charm of these hygienic and sterile medium with our wide range of custom glass water bottles. Your audience could not have asked for more this summer!