6 Sound Reasons That Make Stylus Pens Great Handouts

The digital counterpart of ordinary pens has indeed become a great item on every work desks for a million odd reasons! In the post pandemic, new normal world, stylus pens have become much more than just writing instruments. You guessed it right; these double up as no touch tools that help people to avoid filthy touch points.


 Here are some advantages of stylus pens that you might not have thought about!

As No-touch tools

As personal hygiene gets more attention than ever before and avoiding touch point is proven to be the best way to stay safe from germs, stylus pens have become a hot favorite among everyone.  Apart from using it as a pen or a stylus for your digital screens, these can be used to press ATM keypads or elevator buttons and avoid touch points with ease.

Anti-Germ Grenada Antimicrobial Pen with Stylus Tip

Makes typing easier

Stylus makes typing on the small keyboards of tablets precise and easier for people with big fingers.

Best of both the worlds

Stylus pens work well both on screens and paper effortlessly, which will give you the dual convenience and flexibility to switch from paper to  digital notepads!  Writing longhand can aid in learning and makes  easier to remember things so you can even take hand notes on your tablet while being digital.

Wheat Writer Stylus Pens

It is cold and your fingers are numb!

Whether it is the snowstorm or the overactive office AC, a drop in the temperature can lead to numb fingers. This is when you need stylus pens that are also easy to use with gloves on- both PPE gloves or  woolen gloves!  While your clients or employees navigate the touch-screen with ease and elegance your brand imprinted on these will get a wide angle display.

Cutter & Buck® Bainbridge Quilted Ballpoint Stylus Pens

Dirty and grimy screens

It often happens that the phone screens turn grimy and sticky from sweat and smudges or even leftover food when people attempt to attend calls in the middle of their  snack break, Stylus keeps the screen squeaky clean and germ free  and above all gives the freedom to surf the web even  when you’re enjoying a bagel and coffee .

Plastic Ballpoint Stylus Pens

Easy on your fingers

Do you take pride in your freshly manicured long nails? Worry that it may leave ugly scratches on your screen? A stylus pen is a smart way to keep your nails stylish and brittle proof all the while keeping the tablet screens safe.

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