Custom Enamel Mugs – The Perfect Gifts for the Wanderlusts

Enamel mugs are trending these days for their cool look and the best of both the worlds of  a retro ceramic mug plus a trendy and stable metal mug in one! Enamel mugs are steel tumblers coated with ceramic glaze, which will give it a classic feel and look of an old fashioned ceramic mug. Being made up of metal, these are shatter resistant while the ceramic coating prevents the metal from rusting.


Enamel mugs makes a perfect choice for traveling employees, holiday makers and even at home or office. Anyone who is careless with brittle mugs will find these drink ware items a perfect fit for their everyday life. The delightful color choices will make it an absolute crowd pleaser. Marketers can match these popular tumblers with their corporate colors to make it a complement nicely with their brand.

Why Enamel mugs?

Colorful and eye catching, custom enamel mugs are a perfect addition to any  kitchenware collection. Well suited for outdoor camps, road trips and leisure activities these are lightweight, easy to pack and exceptionally durable. A classic choice for your culinary set, these logo items will make great handouts during corporate dinner parties and events as well.

16 Oz Enamel Metal Cups

Light Weight and sturdy

Enamel mugs are lightweight and as these are not fully made of ceramic, these are less prone to breakage and easy to handle. The inner steel layer  has a ceramic coating that keeps it rust free.

Attractive colors

Marketers planning a theme based promotion will find custom enamel mugs a wonderful choice thanks to the exciting range of color choices on offer. Personalize the exterior of these sleek mugs with your logo, message or artwork to ensure an elegant look.

22 Oz Speckled Enamel Metal Mugs


Enamel mugs can handle heat quite well. So, if you wish to start your morning with a sip of  hot brewing coffee enamel mug is the best way to go about it without burning your fingers.


These ceramic coated steel mugs are designed to last long and look great for a long time. So, your message and logo imprinted on it will go on to rake in countless valuable impressions at one time investment!

16 Oz Speckled Enamel Metal Cups


The materials used to make enamel mugs are eco-friendly, which gives another reason for you to consider enamel mugs as your promotional swag. Highlight your taste for the finer things in life along with your social commitment and ecofriendly credentials with custom enamel mugs.

Choose from a palette of color themed enamel mugs for travel savvy clients, for the work desks or the wanderlusts on your gift list! Customize it with the complimentary theme and artwork to get all eyes on it. Get started right away!