16 Oz Enamel Metal Cups – Product Spotlight

Promotional 16 Oz Enamel Metal Cups are impact resistant enamel mugs with a sturdy enamel-look finish and a classic rolled rim design. With a capacity of 16 Oz, these mugs are just right for everyday use and road trips. Choose from Black, Blue and White color options, to match your theme.

Enamel metal cups are smart hybrids that offer the best of both the worlds of ceramic and stainless steel mugs. So, if you are looking for something more than a standard tumbler for your clients or employees, look no further than these custom drinkware items.

16 Oz Enamel Metal Cups

Eye pleasing

Made of stainless steel coated with a durable layer of enamel, 16 Oz metal enamel mugs have the strength of steel plus the classic style of ceramic glaze. Customize it with your artwork, tagline or mascot to match your promotional theme. A great addition to the work desks and travel supplies, these vibrantly colored mugs will engage your clients with your brand in a fun way every time they sip their favorite beverage.


16 Oz metal enamel mugs  are hygienic and make a healthy alternative to single use plastic mugs. These are designed to prevent the beverage from leeching any unwanted flavors from the steel. As these are great conductors of heat, you can hold  these mugs easily and enjoy every sip, slowly , relishing the flavor fully even if you like to have your brew simmering hot!


Designed to cut down your disposable plastic consumption, these stylish mugs will go a long way in showcasing your ecofriendly traits during business promotions. Studies show that consumers support businesses that adopt sustainable policies and promotions. Play your part in reducing  the plastic consumption by making these stylish and practical drinkware items that are hard to miss!


16 Oz metal enamel mugs  is timeless and rust-resistant, easy to wash and can be used in the freezer or campfire! Enamel mugs are durable which makes it a popular collector’s item. As long as the coating is intact it’s still perfectly safe for use.


16 Oz enamel Travel Mugs are a stylish choice for camping, travel, office and home; sustainable, trendy and a smart alternative to plastic, these green themed mugs are easy to pack, light weight,  yet sturdy enough to pack in a camper.  It will also make a perfect choice for everyday family meals and rough handling especially when you have kids.

These mugs are perfect for travelers as these do not break easily on dropping because of the steel interior coated with enamel. 16 Oz enamel cups are available in a variety of colors, which in turn will make it a brilliant addition to the mugs at home, which everyone will love to display  during parties and events.

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