Design Tips To Customize Tote Bags The Best Way

Custom tote bags hold the rare credit of being one of the most popular promotional swags. Highly useful and well retained, custom totes make thousands of impressions during its shelf life. The large printable areas for your message coupled with limitless choices and models are what make custom totes interesting marketing giveaways. Most people will be happy to receive a trendy and practical tote bag for their daily errands while your message enjoys a high mobility and free exposure.

Tote bag

 Here are some customization tips that will help you to make your custom swag truly memorable

Less is more!

A logo or a catchy tagline is all it takes to get all eyes on to these totes. Make sure to avoid too much information.  Ideally the customization should just enhance your brand familiarity rather than educate the public about your business.

Large Heavy Cotton Canvas Boat Tote Bags

Celebrate your brand image

The design you choose should align with your brand and its values. Stick to your corporate colors and taglines to ensure uniformity. It will help your audience to recall your brand easily and relate the swag with your business.  Get creative without losing track of your brand identity. A creative design that represents your brand will be the best way to customize your promotional bags.

Make it visually appealing

An element of visual Interest in your design will easily pay off as it will grab easy attention of your audience and ensure maximum publicity for your message. Choose a simple design that is aesthetically appealing and unique.

Custom Printed Small Tote Bags

Incorporate Your Business Culture

Your custom design should ideally make the corner stone of your business culture.  The clever use of artistic elements to attain this goal should be the focus while designing these popular custom gifts .

Now that you have some best kept secrets of the best ways to customize tote bags, it is time for you to explore some of the trending totes of the season.

Ecofriendly totes:   Highlight the ecofriendly profile of your brand by including these reusable  canvas totes in your marketing mix.  Your brand and message will be the center of attraction for all the good reasons. Some of the other models to consider include cotton or jute tote bags that are reusable and long lasting . Choose from a wide range of colors and models that gel well with your promotional theme.

Eco Friendly Custom Canvas Tote Bags w/ Contrast Handles

Grocery tote bags: Hand out these reliable shopping bags that are designed to meet the needs of a busy shopping day of your recipients. The spacious design and sturdy handles will make it a reliable companion  as they shop till drop! Needless to say , your brand and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention.

 Big Shopper Grocery Tote Bags

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