A Quick Start Guide On Gym Membership Promotion Ideas!

Wondering how to get the word out about your fitness center? Well, we have some smart tips that will let you pack muscles into your marketing campaign – literally! Gym marketing may seem a complex task; however, you can get better brand recognition and reach a wider audience with relatively little effort by adopting these strategies.

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Fitness marketing takes much more than featuring fit people with 6 pack abs! Get your message out to the right audience  using the right method and you get more memberships than ever before. Help members to reach their goals and offer more value for their money rather than hard selling your gym.

Here are 11 proven gym marketing ideas that will pay off in a big way.

1.Go Digital!

Get in shape Facebook promotion is a great way to pique interest of your audience and reach out to new prospects.  You can time this campaign starting January 1st when the fitness motivation is at its highest!

Offer special deals on facebook, use slim down hashtags to promote the offers and market this special, high intensity package that will get more new members to your gym. This special price program will turn the new members  into regular customers once they are happy with the results they see.

  • Make sure that this package gets on top of mind of your customers even in the busy New Year season
  • Make it an annual event: You can repeat the same promotion every year to attract more new members because word of mouth publicity will add momentum to your campaign and make it faster in the subsequent years.

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2.Offer Corporate Wellness Initiatives

Corporate groups are more fitness oriented and if you can offer them a package that suits  their busy schedules, you get multiple memberships at one go! Win- win! Go to local offices and introduce the special corporate packages and special prices to get people inspired. Make it easy for the new corporate clients to sign up for email updates in your website.

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3.Referral Rewards

Your current members are the loudest advertisements for your fitness center. It is one of the smartest ways for any business to market itself. Your happy current customers will naturally refer their friends or family, which will add up to more engaged memberships for your gym.

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 You can encourage the members to get someone join by offering referral gifts, discounts or cash bonus, special deals or freebies. Some of the gifts that can be considered include cooling towels, T shirts, pedometers, fitness bottles and more. Customize these with your brand and information to make it everlasting reminders for your brand. Every time they use these logo items at gym, or on the move, they will develop a positive impression about your brand.

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Free gifts evoke strong reciprocity in the minds of the recipients. Whenever they need the contact details of a fitness center, your name will come to their mind instinctively!

4.Anniversary Flash Special

Celebrate your gym anniversary milestone by offering a limited time special price for the first few non members that visit the gym. This unique offer will get more people in the door. They will love to flaunt the new toned look and more prospects may drop in!  You can even hand out imprinted T shirts as milestone souvenirs for the new members that will work for your brand in the days ahead. Flash special will help the members to find whether they can get the results they expect,feel comfortable and fit in nicely to your fitness schedules and make them sign up with confidence.

5.Free Training Day

Enable non-members to sign in with either Twitter, Facebook or email to get a free one day training session with a personal trainer. While you get their contact information, the prospects will get a sample of what they get in your fitness center, the type of training you offer and the fitness equipments and gadget you have. It will help your audience to make a well informed and confident decision on joining a fitness class.

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6.Be Insta-Savvy

Instagram is a rage these days! It’s a great place for you to showcase your fitness practices at its best. Post  some great images, powerful  hashtags at the right time to make the most out of this popular social media platform.

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7.Advertise Your Flexible Hours

People would surely like to find a gym that is open during the hours they can visit. Offering flexible extended hours during evening and weekends will increase the footfalls. Make sure to advertise the flexible hours to make your gym more desirable than other centers with a fixed timing.

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8.Feature a Gym member every week

Why not showcase exceptional gym members that are working super hard to reach their fitness goals? It will not just make them feel special but will encourage other members to increase their yardstick. It is a great way to show the members that  your personal trainers are paying individual and special attention to everyone. It will keep them reassured and confident.

9.Provide Meal Plans

Fitness is all about following a wholesome and healthy diet plan. So, help them find the best meal plan and stick to it. Most people follow a blind game in choosing the food they eat because they don’t know what is good for their body.

You can answer the queries over blogs or through  your social media platforms. Nutrition is indeed  hard  for most people to master. So, provide a custom meal plan for members to make sure that it matches their fitness regimen and get them the desired results. Encourage new users to sign up for free meal plans, which will easily encourage them to try out your fitness plans as well.


10.Ask the doctor!
If you can get some valuable  referrals or recommendations from doctors or nutritionists it will go a long way in enhancing the credibility of your gym.  Though it might take some effort and time to build up doctors referrals, it will be truly worth in the long run  to drive traffic for your gym.

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11 Sponsor People/ Charities

When you sponsor or give back to the community, everyone will take note of you. It is a subtle way to tell your customers that you take charity works and social responsibility rather seriously. You can advertise the event you’re going to sponsor and stand out among your audience. Reports show that customers prefer and favor businesses that are socially committed. So, don’t miss the bus!

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Happy customers bring back more leads than probably any other conventional marketing. So, device a marketing plan that includes all these aspects and you are all set to have a healthy brand promotion!