How to celebrate International Women’s Day 2020 at Workplace?


How to celebrate IWD 2020 at Workplace

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50.4% of American jobs are occupied by women! This data excludes farm workers and the self-employed ones; still it covers the majority when compared to that of the male workforce in the country. This surge in employment happened in one year, as it was comparatively low a year ago. So on an average, we can say that half of the employees in a corporate company is women. Adding this as a milestone, let’s celebrate yet another International Women’s day this March 8th.

This International Women’s day, let’s bring this equality into your workplace. Try these ideas in your corporate space this year and motivate your women employees in achieving more.


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It’s time to give more power to women! Celebrate IWD 2020 by arranging a marathon. Announce the marathon event days one week before and invite all the ladies out there. Let your lady employees lead this marathon event on that particular day. Promote the event with printed t-shirts and caps.



Why just celebrate a day when you can celebrate a whole week? Make your women employees feel special on IWD Week and let them rule. Give them power for one week and create a new atmosphere to your employees. Make your women employees feel empowered with such an initiative.

Arrange TED talks

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Arrange a TED talk event in your office! Call successful, empowered women to talk for the event. This will let your women employees feel empowered and inspired. You could also arrange an Open Mic for your women employees at the end of the show so that they could a chance to express their views and ideology about empowerment.

Ladies party


There’s no killer combination just like woman, wine and shoes! Let your women employees enjoy themselves endlessly on Women’s day. Arrange a party exclusively for your women employees and let them dance to the core. Provide cocktails and wine in custom printed wine glasses and other drink wares.

Personalized Giveaway

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Every woman is unique. It can be their personality, look, way of approaching a matter or even lifestyle. If you are ready to treat every single women employee of yours the way they are, get them personalized gifts! Think from their point of view and gift them something unique. Get custom printed items for all your female employees and let them feel special in their own way!

IWD 2020 is almost here! And you are running out of time. Start planning now and do something huge to honor your women employees on board. Try these ideas in your work place and make your women employees feel honored!