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Imprinted Caps Will Get Your Message Front And Center Posted on July 30, 2021

Custom caps make a great addition to any summer wardrobe as these will look simply  great with any apparels including T shirts or dress shirts. Highly useful, attention grabbing and perennially popular, imprinted caps make potent marketing tools for any industry.  Get your message front and center by getting it imprinted on these apparel accessories  […]

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Top Trends in Custom Summer Promotional Products – Must read Posted on July 30, 2021

Invest in custom swag that is currently in trend to ensure the best value for your promotional dollars.  Though it is hard to keep a tab on the likes and dislikes of your target audience,  choosing the most trending custom promotional giveaways is a sure shot way to impress any genre of audience. Let’s be […]

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Proimprint’s 15 Top Selling Products for July 2021 Posted on July 30, 2021

The month of July is the favorite month of the outdoorsy crowd. The great outdoors, and brilliant sunshine well complemented by parades, fairs and concerts- you have something special for every call. Take a look at these 15 top sellers that will add a fresh vigor to your branding campaign and will guide you on […]


Amazingly Cool Custom Toys for Both Kids And Adults Posted on July 29, 2021

Summer is here as it is the best time for kids and adults to explore some  backyard entertainment Ideas, hangouts and Pods!  Drive up the outdoor fun and bust boredom with these custom giveaways that are hard to resist. From Frisbees to slime and pop up toys, there is an impressive line- up of outdoorsy […]

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Beat  the Competition with Custom Fitness Products Posted on July 29, 2021

Health and wellness are on top of everyone’s mind in the post pandemic normal world. So, marketers have a perfect handout of custom fitness items to reach out to their audience and show that they care. It is never too late to get the summer body that your prospects might be dreaming about. Here are […]


Travel Themed Giveaways That are Hard to Resist Posted on July 29, 2021

Travel is in the air as normalcy returns to most places in the country. Everyone is making the best use of the local holiday spots and must-see attractions at their home ground this year as overseas travel is not in full gear yet. Marketers planning to hand out promotional giveaways can consider travel themed products […]


 Custom Coloring Books for Adults- Stress Relieving Gifts With Mass Appeal Posted on July 28, 2021

We all have grown up with the childhood memories of coloring books and crayons. However, did you know that coloring books are equally popular among adults. Proven to be beneficial in developing creativity, beating stress and enhancing focus, coloring books are indeed therapeutic!  At a time when most people are hit by stress and anxiety, […]

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 A Few Sound Reasons For You To Make Custom Apparels Your Swag  Posted on July 28, 2021

Custom apparels are the most popular in promotional handouts for marketers all over the world. Wondering what makes apparels the number one choice for the last many years? In this post we are trying to delve deeper into the scoring points of custom apparels and how effective these are in impressing the audience. The market […]

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How To Make Your Busy Customers Notice Your Advertisement Posted on July 28, 2021

In the busy modern life, everyone is preoccupied with countless tasks and are highly distracted. For marketers, the most challenging task has been to grab the attention of the busy customers and get them engaged with their message. On an average, consumers see hundreds of advertisements every day, which makes them feel overwhelmed. Here are […]

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Choose Custom Metal water Bottles for Sustainable Promotion Posted on July 27, 2021

Looking for a highly practical handout that everyone will find useful? Custom water bottles will make a great choice regardless of your industry or marketing campaign theme. Play your part in reducing the landfill menace caused by disposable bottles by choosing reusable water bottles as your swag to inspire the audience to make an environmentally […]