How To Make Your Busy Customers Notice Your Advertisement

In the busy modern life, everyone is preoccupied with countless tasks and are highly distracted. For marketers, the most challenging task has been to grab the attention of the busy customers and get them engaged with their message. On an average, consumers see hundreds of advertisements every day, which makes them feel overwhelmed.

Here are some tips that will help you to engage a busy audience group and get them take note of your message!

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Know your Target Customer

Identifying your target customer is the best way to get started. It will help marketers to have an idea about their life style, their common interests and the places frequented by them.  For instance, if you are promoting health products, it is recommended to  choose handouts like sunglasses, T shirts or cooling towels that complement their active life style. It is a great way to pique their interest and make them engaged with  your message.

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Make Your Message Eye-Catching

50% of shoppers make their purchase decision influenced by an interesting advertisement. So, make sure to include an interesting artwork, catchy tagline and something more other than the basic contact information and logo to make your promotional message interesting and subtle alike.

Make it Fun

Adopt an intriguing message a fascinating image or a brain teaser or a fun quote to make it stand out in sea of  promotional giveaways. Sometimes, all it takes is a question or a jingle that will make your customers differentiate your ad.  Try to be fun and adopt a light hearted approach without a heady marketing overtone to leave your customers  amazed.

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Place Your Ad on Places Frequented By People

Outdoor banners, flags and car magnets  are some of the best options to enhance your outdoor visibility. Customize these with your message and artwork and place it in strategic spots where a majority of your target market can see it. For instance if  you are directing your branding campaign towards college students, create advertisements that will impress the youth and keep it at the best spots where they can see these.

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A Call to Action Message

A call to action message or a message that highlights your social relevance will spread the word effectively and much faster. Rather than plain communication, focus on Inspiring the audience and supporting advocacies to leave a lasting impact. Offer them a solid reason to take note of your message and how it can change their life.

Make an emotional connection, pique curiosity or answer their needs through your products and services. A powerful call to action message will initiate further action and will help you to take your branding to the next level.

How do you plan to catch people’s attention? Share your ideas on unique promotional methods that will never fail.