Choose Custom Metal water Bottles for Sustainable Promotion

Looking for a highly practical handout that everyone will find useful? Custom water bottles will make a great choice regardless of your industry or marketing campaign theme. Play your part in reducing the landfill menace caused by disposable bottles by choosing reusable water bottles as your swag to inspire the audience to make an environmentally conscious choice in their daily lives.

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Studies show that ecofriendly businesses enjoy a higher goodwill than other businesses that may not be socially committed. Functional, stylish, and most importantly reusable, metal water bottles will make a promotional product that ticks all the boxes of an ideal marketing swag. Just think of the impressions that your brand will get every time your recipients use these double wall, insulated bottles that keeps hot liquids hot and cold drinks cold!

 Imprinted Pacific 26 Oz Aluminum Sports Bottles

Here are some of the events where you can confidently consider custom reusable metal water bottles.

Employee Wellness Campaigns

Employee health and wellness is of paramount importance especially in the post pandemic times. Inspire your team to take their requisite daily fix of water and promote hydration by handing out these easy to carry bottles.

Your employees will indeed feel valued by this high utility handout and will become more brand loyal than ever! Customize with an inspirational quote, your logo, an interesting artwork or something else that matches the team spirit to make it truly unique and worth showing off.

25 Oz Pinto Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottles Imprinted  Blank  Sample

 Game days

Hosting a corporate sports day? Printed water bottles will make a great giveaways for each member of the team they can use on the day. Choose from a wide range of models and colors that match  your theme and encourage the employees to use these branded bottles even beyond office. Plus, these bottles from the day will act as a great keepsake of the fun filled fitness event at work.

21 Oz Stainless Steel Liberty Bottles with Bamboo Lid

Gifts for the New recruits

Make the new employees feel special with a branded water bottle that can even be paired with other practical handouts like tumblers or can coolers among others. Customize the bottle with your logo and tagline to make the new recruits feel part of the team from day one.

20 Oz Colton Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottles

Fund raising items

Water bottles happen to be one of the most popular fund raising items around thanks to its high utility and incredible choices on offer. Support a social cause or raise funds for a nonprofit by using custom water bottles as fund raisers. Choose from a wide range of price rates, which will suit your fund raising drive.

25 Oz Gripper Aluminum Sports Bottles

These are only some of the many instances where branded bottles can be used. How do you plan to use branded bottles in your promotions? Share your thoughts with us on our facebook page.