Custom Luggage Tags- Budget Friendly Handouts to Celebrate the Travel Season

Luggage tags may be ubiquitous items that do not demand any special attention. But did you know  97% of all lost bags are found and returned to their respective owners because of luggage tags? It s guarantees a worry-free journey for your travelling clients and employees.

Offered in a wide range of models, sizes and colors, custom luggage tags will help the travelers to spot their bags easily on the carousel , in the hotel lobbies and other places.


Custom luggage tags will make  high visibility and budget friendly giveaways for marketers that are hard to miss. While your recipients have an easy way to identify their baggage , you will get a grand brand display wherever they go!

Luggage tags have come a long way since its modest origin of being paper tags to digitally printed ones and automatic scanned tags with bar codes and more.

Printed Suitcase Shaped Travel Tote Luggage Tags

What makes custom luggage tags effective promotional merchandise?

Unique: Luggage tags imprinted with your logo and message will stand out nicely and will get easily noticed even in crowded places like airports and hotel lobbies. Customize it to make it one of its type by adding your logo, message  and travel quotes among others.

 Journey Luggage Tags

Durable: Designed to last long and look great, luggage tags don’t rip easily and will last a long time, making consistent impressions for your brand in the process. Sturdy models like plastic, leather or metal luggage tags can withstand hostile weather conditions and rough handling as well.

High visibility: Your brand and business information imprinted on luggage tags will be visible even from a distance, which in turn will make your brand easily noticed .

 Premium Full Color Luggage Tags

Easy to customize: Luggage tags flaunt a  generous imprint space that can be utilized to place a visually appealing artwork and design that matters! You can choose a vibrant, classic, subtle or colorful image to show off your brand identity.

Now that you have decided to make custom luggage tags your handouts, check out some of these trending models that make great investments.

Aluminum Compact Luggage Tags: sleek and stylish, these aluminum luggage tags feature a braided metal band and ID insert that is long lasting > You will love the generous imprint space that these tags offer to place your message and logo.

Aluminum Compact Luggage Tags Imprinted  Blank  Sample

Hideaway Luggage Tag And Pen feature a swivel info tag that can be closed to help the recipients to keep their personal details confidential. It also includes a  detachable pen to scribble important pieces of information during the travel.

Hideaway Luggage Tag And Pen

Silicone Luggage Tags : Made of soft touch material, these luggage tags are available in a bevy of vibrant colors. Massive imprint area and loop and spaghetti strap closure are other main highlights of these custom products.

Silicone Luggage Tags

Looking for more? Browse our exclusive section of custom luggage tags to pick up a model that matches your needs.