Beat  the Competition with Custom Fitness Products

Health and wellness are on top of everyone’s mind in the post pandemic normal world. So, marketers have a perfect handout of custom fitness items to reach out to their audience and show that they care. It is never too late to get the summer body that your prospects might be dreaming about.

Here are some wellness items that will help your recipients to stay fit and happy while your brand gets a robust promotion. Win-win

Couple jogging in park

Sports bags 
Sports bags are a classic gift choice that any outdoorsy person who follows an active life style will find useful. Available in a variety of different colors, these bags will make your brand stand out across a range of activities. Whether it is the fitness center staple of duffel bags  or the light weight and casual drawstring bags or a backpack, you can choose from various models. Designed to hold sportswear and equipment, bags will make portable billboards that will promote your name in a positive and healthy way.

Executive Suite Duffel Bags

Fitness bottles

Everyone needs their protein shakes during their fitness regimens. So why don’t you take this opportunity to print your brand on protein shakers. Every time your recipients relish their drink, they will develop a positive association with your brand. Interestingly, a trendy water bottle will even become a hot talking topic among the friends. Thus your message will reach a wider audience beyond the target recipients.

24 Oz Cool Gear® Protein Shaker Bottles


Pedometers are budget friendly and highly practical for any fitness enthusiast to track their activities and count the steps they make every day. It  proves to be a constant motivation to enhance  their own track records and get better by the day. Offered in various models like shoe lace pedometers and FM radio pedometers, these can be printed up to 4 colors and unique designs to get the hearts racing even before they even start their exercise!

Designer Top-View Pedometers

Cooling towels

Working out during the scalding hot summer days can be taxing. Cooling towels will keep your recipients fresh and cool even after a long spell of calorie burning activities. Choose from various models and colors to match the needs of your clients and your promotional theme. Needless to say, your brand and message imprinted on these towels will get a lot of attention.

Lightweight Cooling Sport Towels

Exercise bands

One of the most effective and easiest ways to build muscles, exercise bands are a hot choice in fitness items. Add your logo and message on these budget friendly fitness items to stay in  plain sight of your customers and boost your brand image. Choose from different model and colors to match your promotional theme.

Printed Exercise Bands

We have a lot more? Browse our complete lien of custom giveaways to enjoy the fun of hand picking something unique for your healthy savvy audience.