Amazingly Cool Custom Toys for Both Kids And Adults

Summer is here as it is the best time for kids and adults to explore some  backyard entertainment Ideas, hangouts and Pods!  Drive up the outdoor fun and bust boredom with these custom giveaways that are hard to resist. From Frisbees to slime and pop up toys, there is an impressive line- up of outdoorsy fun handouts.

Coloring books and crayons are gifts that kids and adults love anytime, anywhere. These fun and interactive products will not just leave the kids but make them more focused as well. Summer swag is a true Win- win for marketers as  your brand name will be recognized by both parents and children.


Beach balls

Light weight colorful and fun, beach balls make the epicenter of every summer  holiday. Popular among every genre of audience, these logo items are a smart way for marketers to get their message right into the hands of your audience- literally!

Customized Beach Balls


Ideal for indoor play time and outdoor fun, custom slime is something that both grown- ups and kids will find interesting and engaging. Enhance creativity and dexterity of the recipients as they try to make interesting shapes and designs with these soft and moldable medium. Your message imprinted on these will remain in their plain sight for a long time.

2 Oz Promotional Slimes


These brain teasers are something people of all age groups can engage with for hours on end. Choose form various models like the classic Rubik cubes to wooden building blocks and 3 D puzzles among others that will challenge the brain cells and inspire the users to come up with a solution in the shortest possible time.

Rubik's® 9-Panel Full Stock Cube

Push Pop toys

Nobody can ever get enough of the bubble wrap popping game that was very much part of  the childhood. Now the bubble pop experience of the past  has got even better with these push pop toys that are available in lively color choices. Just pop and flatten the bubbles and once done, you can turn it on the other side to continue with the fun of popping!

Push Pop Square Stress Reliever Game

Coloring books

Studies prove that coloring stimulates brain and beats stress even among adults. So, handing out custom coloring books and crayons will make a great handout to engage a wider family audience with your message.  Choose from various themes and models including adult coloring books to offer something that your niche audience will truly enjoy.

Adult Coloring Book with Colored Pencils

Yo Yo

Feted as the oldest toy known to man, yo yo creates a dazzling spectacle as these move up and down a taut string much to the delight of the users. Choose from various models including glow in the dark models that make a great addition to the toy collection at home or office!

Light Up Yo-Yo - Red

Looking for more? Browse our exclusive section of custom toys to choose a models that you think will appease your audience.