Custom Coloring Books – Spread The Message In A Fun Manner

Puzzles like Sudoku are passé. Guess what the latest craze in mental work out for both kids and kids at heart? You guessed it right. It is coloring books. Thanks to the 2013 Amazon best seller, The Secret Garden by Johanna Basford, coloring books have become a trend among grownups as well. Studies show that this low key activity can pep even an exhausted adult brain in no time. Now business owners will have yet another sound reason to consider custom coloring books as employee gifts.

Coloring books are a creative and fun way to get across safety messages to kids. The little ones will surely love to dabble with the colors and to fill in those spaces neatly as they follow the story lines and get into a light hearted dialogue with the characters. Imprint your logo and message on these books and see how quickly the parents and teachers of your tiny patrons take note of your brand for its family friendly attributes.

Our promotional coloring books are available in various themes, some of which are listed below.

Fitness Is Fun Coloring Books: Help kids discover ways to get fit with the story lines of these personalized coloring books. Great for community events, schools, restaurants and more, your kids will surely love the message that these books convey as much as the story lines that unfold. These personalized color books can also be combined with non-toxic crayons for better advantage.Customized Fitness Is Fun Coloring Books

Promotional Coloring Books- Home Safety : These promotional coloring books will educate the kids on home safety through a funny character of Harriet the Hippo. These are ideal for police safety patrol teams, schools, community services and others concerned about safety of kids.Promotional Coloring Books- Safety-Home Safety with Harriet the Hippo

Promotional Firefighters In Uniform Coloring Books: Let the kids know about lives of firefighters with these interesting story lines involving Blaze the Bear and other funny characters. These promotional coloring books are ideal giveaways during fire prevention week, community programs and tradeshows.Promotional Firefighters In Uniform Coloring Books

How To Deal with Bullying Coloring Books: Bullying is a serious cause of concern in schools and colleges. These attractive coloring books will teach kids how to take action against bullies at the No Mean Zone at their playground and school. Children will learn how to tackle bullying through interesting tips and advice featured in its 16 page illustrations.Promotional How To Deal with Bullying Coloring Books

Let’s be frank about it! These old fashioned promotional gifts of coloring books will go a long way in getting the kids out of the lure of the digital world to enhance creativity and awareness. Making the kids aware of their social responsibility will go a long way in molding a healthy society and these coloring books will spread this message in a fun way and will leave them refreshed. Start shopping today!

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