5 Sound Reasons That Prove Custom Coloring Books Are As Popular among Adults As in Kids

The massive festoons of coloring books that adorn book shops and retail stores prove that coloring books are no longer just for kids! Touted as the biggest publishing craze of the year, coloring books have become popular stress busters among adults and quite rightly a happening custom gift among marketers. Still thinking?Custom Printed Halloween Haunted Holiday-Coloring Books

We have top five reasons that make promotional coloring books a rage among every genre of users.

Coloring can beat stress
Studies prove that coloring can make people happy and well relaxed as this activity relaxes the fear center of the brain, reduces anxiety and make us happy and well relaxed.

Coloring increases concentration
Even a brief coloring spell can improve focus and creativity. No wonder, coloring books have become a popular employee gift these days. The best thing is that these colored artwork will find its way to the office memo boards and décor items, which will set off word of mouth publicity about the potential of coloring books as custom items.

Increases Fine Motor Skills
Coloring enhances fine motor skills and vision, keep the minds engaged and is thought to be delay the onset of memory loss among the aged.Customized Fitness Is Fun Coloring Books

Coloring makes a hobby
Coloring can be a popular hobby and a social activity among people. The concept of coloring parties in cafes, bars and events is catching up the fancy of everyone. Marketers who are burdened with a shoe string budget can make use of the amazing popularity of coloring books by handing out logo imprinted coloring books to promote college groups, wellness programs, yoga studios, and community events. These make great gifts items for awareness campaigns and charity events as well.

Coloring is Fun
Coloring books are loads of fun. Everyone will love these gifts that are easy and make a great way to spend time with friends. The best part is that coloring can be done anywhere – be it during workplace leisure hours, at home or even on the go, coloring will help you relax and feel good after a strenuous day.

Can’t wait to include custom coloring books into the marketing mix? Browse our collection of coloring books in various themes that are perfect for advertising your business event.

Some of the interesting themes that you will find in coloring books include the following.

Halloween Haunted Holiday-Coloring Books: Halloween can’t be far away. So can there be a better way to celebrate than dabbling with these coloring books?

Fitness is fun coloring books: Get this message into the heads of not just the kids but everyone out there with these coloring books. Everytime you find it difficult to drag yourself out of bed for an early morning workout, these coloring books will prompt you for sure!

We have coloring books in all possible themes. Let us know what your favorite is.

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