Little Known Facts About Custom Gifts- Fact#19

Promotional products draw as many as 500 percent more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter alone!

Promotional products not just promote your business and build brand loyalty but will also draw referrals from satisfied customers. ASIC reports show that promotional products draw as many as 500 percent more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter alone! This shows the tremendous potency of logo items that many fail to take note of.


Choose functional promotional products as loyalty gifts every time they refer another customer to your existing customers and draw more referrals.

Here are some of the gift ideas that you can consider to get your customers bring referrals.

Functional items
Choose logo items that your recipients will actually use in their daily lives. The more they use these items, more will be their brand recall and more will be the chances of them bringing back referrals.Promotional Medium Utility Tote Bag with 4 Colors

Some of the gift items that can be considered include the following

T shirts: Casual and trendy, everyone loves to have T shirts in their wardrobes. Available in a range of colors and models, there is something special for everyone. Add to it the big plus that T shirts can be used for promotions all round the year and not just during any specific season or event. An attractive T shirt will make an interesting talking point for your recipients as well. Get your customers into a light hearted dialogue with your brand by handing out these logo items as loyalty gifts every time they suggest your brand for their friends and family.

Bags: Everyone needs bags in their daily lives. Be it for office, a day out in the beach or shopping, bags make an indispensible item for everyone. Choose from a range of bags including travel bags, back packs, wallets, paper bags, lunch bags or the ever popular tote bags as referral gifts. Your recipients won’t mind sending more referrals to grab these attractive logo gifts. Imprint your logo and message on these to ensure the much desired portability and exposure for your brand.

Pens: Script a winning promotional campaign by handing out custom pens as referral gifts. Pens have one of the lowest costs per impressions like custom bags, which make it a great choice for mass promotions and campaigns as well. You can even send these as mailer gifts for all your customers who might have referred your brand. With a range of exciting models that range from quirky novelty pens to budget friendly plastic pens , elegant metal pens and the eco friendly wooden pens, you can easily choose a gift that matches your budget and promotional theme.

Seasonal items
If you are looking for a short whirlwind campaign to boost referrals, then seasonal items will make a good choice. Now that the fall season is all set to unfurl, here are some of the logo items that you can consider as referral gifts.44 Inch Custom Imprinted Auto Open Umbrellas

Beanies: Keep their heads well covered from the cold and put your message right into their heads literally with these logo items.

Jackets: Stylish and useful, custom jackets will make thoughtful referral gifts that your customers will surely love. These logo items will surely be a tempting reason for your recipients to refer your brand.

Umbrellas: Fall season is all about unexpected drizzle and chilly weather. Protect your recipients from the bad weather woes and encourage them to send new customers back to your stores by handing out these loyalty gifts.

Thermos mugs: There is nothing like a piping hot cup of coffee on a chilly fall day. Your customers will surely go all out to send more people back to your stores to grab these fabulous drinkware items.

Blankets: Everyone will surely love to have these weather wear items in their collections. Imprint your logo and thank you message to transform these functional gifts into thoughtful loyalty gifts that will make your customer feel great.

Technology items
Custom Gift trends clearly show that technology items have always been a popular choice among marketers. Here are some of the items that will double pull as a loyalty giftsCustom Imprinted Stylus With LED Light

Power banks: Keep their tech gadgets up and ticking at all times, wherever they are with custom powerbanks!

Stylus pens: At a time when people are using their Smartphone screens to write and draw as much as in notepads, can there be a better gift item than stylus pens?

Earbuds: Make your message music to the ears of your customers with these logo earbuds. These loyalty gifts will do magic in getting record number of referrals for sure.

Health and wellness
Health is wealth and it is heartening to note that more people are taking this axiom seriously in their lives these days. Some of the gift items in this category that you can consider as loyalty gifts include the following.Custom Printed Plush Hot and Cold Eye Masks

Manicure/spa kits: Everyone likes to be well groomed and these spa kits will let them do so whenever they wish.

Hot /cold packs: Let your customers relax and feel smoothened after a hard day at work with these logo items.

Pedometers: Every extra stride they make with these pedometers will take them closer to their fitness goals. Your customers will love to make referrals for this gift.

Browse our site for an extensive collection of logo gifts to choose something that fits the bills of your loyalty gifts and draw more referrals than ever!

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