Packing healthy School Lunches that Kids Will Eat

Now that the kids are back in school, it will be a hectic time for parents juggling a lot of school errands. More than 40 percent children eat a packed lunch, which may or may not be healthy. The most challenging of it all would probably be to pack school lunch bag for their kids in such a way that make the kids eat. Apart from being wholesome, school lunch items should also be visually appealing for kids.

Pack a lot of choices
The best way to pack a healthy school lunch is by getting the kids involved and offering them choices that will get them excited about food. Make sure that the lunch that the parents pack never fails to excite the kids. You can even involve the kids while choosing lunch menu and preparing the food.Custom Imprinted 2-Section Lunch Containers

Let’s be frank about it! Kids are hard to please. So the easiest way to impress them will be by getting innovative. Choose colorful and attractive food and storage items that the kids will surely love to bring to school. Insulated containers will keep food fresh and in the desired temperature. Check out these 2 section lunch containers that will let the parents to arrange food items in such a way to make it look more appealing. Choose any simple, one-ingredient foods that are easy to make.

Include Fruits and vegetables
School lunch menu should invariably contain fresh fruits and vegetables. Chop these into interesting and eye pleasing figures and shapes for kids. Chicken carrot sticks, berries or apple slices will all make good choices for school lunch box.

Salads make delightful options to get the kids eat their daily dose of greens. Check out these handy salad shakers that can hold 4 cups of salad and features a removable dressing container that can hold 4 tablespoons of dressing. These BPA free salad shakers are great for schools, picnics and travels.Custom Printed 11 Oz Snap-A-Snack Containers

Most kids love dry snacks and crispy delights. These reusable custom printed 11 Oz snap –a-snack containers available in multiple solid color lids will make a perfect choice for carrying mini lunches, snacks and managing dry food for young children. These snack containers with spill proof lids make great back to school promotional items for nursery schools and day care centers as well.

Lunch Bag
Think beyond those bland and ordinary looking brown bags to pack the lunch and choose these colorful insulated lunch bags. Kids will love to show off these colorful lunch bags to their friends and teachers. The water resistant feature and the durable construction will make these bags great choices for the rough and tumble of the kid’s school days.Custom Non-Woven Identification Lunch Bags

Identification lunch bags offered in diverse color choices is another good option to consider in kids lunch bags. These bags will make it easy for kids to find their lunch bag from the rest as the ID holder on the back of these bags can be used to put the name of the kids.

A few more tips

  • Cut sandwiches diagonally as kids like it better
  • Milk or water will make a healthy alternative for sugary drinks
  • Peel off plastic seals on food packages to save time at lunch.
  • It is cheaper to buy foods in bulk as single-serving packs in stores are more expensive.
  • Think of innovative ways to pack lunch. How about placing a funny face doodle or a joke in your kid’s lunch bag?

These tips should help you ensure a nutritious and healthy meal plan that will get your kids grow up as healthy adults. Try it for sure. Should you have more school lunch tips, do share it with us.

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