Custom Coloring Books for Adults- Stress Relieving Gifts With Mass Appeal

We all have grown up with the childhood memories of coloring books and crayons. However, did you know that coloring books are equally popular among adults. Proven to be beneficial in developing creativity, beating stress and enhancing focus, coloring books are indeed therapeutic!

 At a time when most people are hit by stress and anxiety, custom coloring books make an easy and budget friendly way to vent the frustrations. Why kids should have all the fun when kids at heart too deserve a fair share of fun!


Adult Coloring Books with beautiful and intricate designs will leave you calm and stimulate the brain. Easy to do anytime, anywhere,  custom coloring books will help your clients find the inner peace and bliss while putting your message on a display. The best part is that coloring will bring together everyone in the family together to  foster bonding as well.

Adult coloring books are available in various models and feature a collection of stress relieving patterns, which will keep your recipients creatively engaged and occupied for a long time. Apart from being a hobby, it will bring out the latent drawing skills of your prospects that they will surely feel excited about.Custom coloring books make a brilliant choice as employee giveaways, promotional handouts and more.

Here are some popular themes for you to get started

The Art Of Relaxing Adult Coloring Book This 12 – Piece Drawing Set including coloring book and color pencil set  allows your recipients to relax at the end of a hectic day. Your recipients can nurture their creative skills as they fill colors over these beautiful nature-themed designs while staying relaxed and happy. These make excellent mailer items, employee appreciation handouts, fund raising items and more.

Printed Adult Coloring Book with Colored Pencils

Doodle Adult Coloring Notebooks have 40 pages of soothing designs. Made of recycled materials, these coloring notebooks feature both coloring pages as well as lined pages for notes. These make ideal handouts for universities, counseling centers, businesses and more.

Doodle Adult Coloring Notebooks

 Shades Of Relaxation Adult Coloring Book – Animals are perfect to make people stay relaxed and  cool. It consists of 12 beautifully rendered images of animals on thick velvet stock paper along with some inspirational messages. Coloring books are creative yet powerful way to reduce stress. Plus , it can also  be framed and hanged on walls to display the artwork in front of others. Waiting rooms in doctor’s office, other offices or even teachers will find these custom books interesting.

Shades Of Relaxation Adult Coloring Book - Animals

Stress-relief and creative expression on the go is made possible by adult coloring books. Your brand and message imprinted on these books will get easily noticed during picnics, road trips and holiday events, which in turn will take your message into a wider audience. Easy to use for everyone including beginners and right and left handed people, custom coloring books ensure long-lasting use and a lot of chill time!

Are you planning to use coloring books as your marketing tools during your upcoming events? Share your thoughts.