Personalized crayons will let your brand stand ahead among the competitors in style

Crayons are all about splashes of colors and fun. Who doesn’t like to spend their lazy hours dabbling with these delightfully colored crayons? Custom crayons make perfect handouts to promote kid’s stores, book stores, arts and crafts shops and businesses that deal with kid’s products. These CPSIA-approved, non-toxic crayons that are available in a range of fun shapes are also a rage among not just the young but the young at heart as well.

promotional crayo quadtrade 4 color crayon pyramid

Kids bring joy and fun to families and their parents but at times these tiny tots can drive them crazy as well. Be it in a crowded restaurant, a church or bookstore, fidgety kids will raise a few eyebrows for sure! Custom crayons make perfect giveaways for kindergartens, child safety programs and family friendly restaurants among others. Kids are tough customers who are not easy to please. Everyone will agree that a pack of crayons is all it takes to keep those restless kids busy in crowded restaurants or the dentist office. Your logo imprinted on these crayons will gain the attention of their parents who will keep coming back for more!

By offering these custom crayons, you can keep your young patrons well engaged and entertained while their parents get a chance to relax and avail your services. Studies show that 72% of families are more likely to return to the restaurants that offer promotional gifts like crayons and other kid’s activities. People won’t be any hurry to go home if the kids do not trouble them and the restaurants can look forward to a higher dinner bill by keeping the kids happy and smiling and creating the right milieu for the parents to enjoy their food.

promotional twist crayons

Personalized crayons from ProImprint can also be gifted as birthday gifts or as tokens of appreciation to your customers. Every time your employees take out these colorful crayons to scribble or make a note on their move or at their work desk during their leisure, you are rest assured of a sound brand exposure and appreciation.

Here are some of the best selling promotional crayons that will add brilliance to your brand promo.

Promotional Crayo-Quad Crayon Pyramid : This pyramid shaped box of crayons come handy not just for coloring and drawing but also as a great paper weight or desktop accessory. This non-toxic crayon pyramid is perfect to gift during tradeshows, restaurant promotions, play school anniversaries, school events and more. It makes a delightful promo gifts all round the year. After all can any kid ever say no to crayons?

Promotional Twist Crayons : Crayons that look like pens will appeal to both kids and adults alike. These twist crayons that are easy to hold than the customary fat crayons will show off your logo in style. These are perfect options to distribute tradeshows, business events, school events, community programs or they can be offered as a complement with purchases of craft items.

There are a million odd reasons on why these promotional items make perfect gifts to boost your logo. Available in a range of interesting shapes and a palette of colors, crayons can also be handed out at picnics and barbecues and arts and crafts stores among others. Easy to distribute and always well received, crayons are loved by everyone. So, log-on to ProImprint to make your logo promotion a colorful and fun filled affair with these colorful corporate gifts.

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