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Exciting Custom Kids Giveaways For Your Upcoming Campaigns Posted on August 20, 2020

Promoting kids brands is no child’s play! The baby product market value is expected to reach USD 16.78 billion by 2025. United States is the largest consumer of Children’s wear with 21% share of the global market.This business niche has been registering a steady growth over the years due to the rising spending capability and […]


Custom gifts That Can Ensure the Well Being  of your Patrons Posted on August 19, 2020

The current pandemic  has unleashed a spate of stressful situations for everyone. With people separated from loved ones and their team members and their favorite handout spots and fitness centers  staying closed, it has been a rough ride. Let’s be frank about it! Human beings are a social species and family and friends are crucial […]


Tips to choose the right facemasks – Must Read Posted on August 19, 2020

Facemasks have become the new norm in the post pandemic world.  A lot of functional and fashionable models have hit the shelves in recent times to cater to people who may need to wear it regularly. Whether at work or on the move, it is recommended to wear face masks to stay safe from droplet […]

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Street Corner Marketing Can Boost Brand Visibility Posted on August 19, 2020

Being old fashioned is good at times! Add a simple and retro twist to your promotions by planning  street marketing. Whether you hate it or love it, the fact is that street corner publicity still holds power to build up a buzz and bring people together. Street teams can be considered for grand opening, movie […]


On Popular Demand – Branded PPE Items For Businesses That Are Reopening Posted on August 18, 2020

 Businesses are planning to reopen their stores after a rather long shutdown in the wake of the pandemic. Apart from trying to reconnect with existing customers and attracting new ones, businesses need to ensure the health and well being of their customers and employees as well.  This is important in the reopening phase to make […]


ProImprint’s 15 Top Selling Promotional Products For August 2020 Posted on August 18, 2020

As the Covid -19 curve has been flattened, more businesses are planning to reopen, much to the relief of the general public. Let us take a look at the top selling promotional products for  August, which has many events, red letter days and promotional opportunities to its credit. With personal hygiene top on the priority […]

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Anti Germ Utility Tools – What Is Best For You Posted on August 18, 2020

The pandemic has brought about a radical change in the way we carry out our daily life. Whether it is moving around in work places, shopping in a mall or travelling in public places, the personal safety concerns and mandates are behind this. Apart from hand sanitizers, facemasks and other PPE items, no- touch antigerm […]

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Promotional  Products For Reopening Your Business And Reinventing Your Brand Posted on August 17, 2020

As companies reopen in a phased manner all across the country ,  it is the right time for them not just to solve the challenges but to  reinvent their brand and explore the opportunities that come their way! The pandemic has left a trail of havoc in our lives and has even dictated on how […]

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Masks , Bandanas, Gaiters And More –  How Face Coverings Can Prevent Droplet Infections Posted on August 17, 2020

Covering the face has become a necessity for everyone in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This blog post is  about the different types of facemasks and face coverings and the best models to put your dollars on.  There are many misconceptions and myths regarding the best usage of facemasks. Buying a wrong mask or […]


How Waterless Hand Sanitizer Can Help in Fighting off the Pandemic    Posted on August 17, 2020

UN reports show that two out of five people in the world do not have a basic hand-washing facility with soap and water!  Ensuring hand hygiene is the only proven way to keep the pandemic risk at bay. So, where there is no easy access to soap and water, the  next best option would be […]