Anti Germ Utility Tools – What Is Best For You

The pandemic has brought about a radical change in the way we carry out our daily life. Whether it is moving around in work places, shopping in a mall or travelling in public places, the personal safety concerns and mandates are behind this.

Apart from hand sanitizers, facemasks and other PPE items, no- touch antigerm utility tools have become part of daily life. From once being a novelty, these innovative products have become highly useful items for people these days.

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Contactless tools will help people to get on with their basic tasks like opening doors or pressing elevators buttons without the risk of exposing their hands to filthy touch points. Door knobs gather germs easily and as these microbes can last on steel or plastic for days, there is a high risk for  people to contract germs every time they  touch the doorknobs. No contact  tools reduce transmission risks  by reducing chances of shared contact as possible.

As there is more awareness of germ transmission, people are taking extra caution to keep away from touch points and stay safe from germs.  So, even after a vaccine is available, people will be far more informed about disease transmission through shared surfaces as hence probably the demand for these tools will remain high a long time.

Here are some popular models that you can consider.

Clean tools :  It is one of the most popular options in the market. While the tool design makes it possible to operate items without contacting them, High-Impact Polystyrene material that it is made from will ensure durability and long term usage.

Freedom Key Stainless Steel No-Touch Tools: The sleek  stainless steel design and attractive finish will give these tools a dramatic appeal. It can be used to press ATM key pads, elevator buttons , pull open doors and more without you having to physically touch  the surfaces.

Get your logo and message imprinted on these  to make a perfect giveaway for your employees and clients to make them aware of the transmission  risks through contact. Quick Access built-in belt loop and  Thumb grip are the other features of these tools that can be can be fixed to a split keyring.

Freedom Key Stainless Steel No-Touch Tools


Antibacterial Door Opener Stylus  can be used for all your daily errands like pressing elevator buttons, ATM buttons, opening doors etc and avoid public touch points while the stylus can be used to safely navigate touch screens without making hand contact. Offered in various color choices, these utility tools will get your message far and wide.

Antibacterial Door Opener Stylus

Kooty Key Anti-Germ Utility Tools: Made of antibacterial plastic, these sturdy tools will help you to stay away from dirty touch points. It can be used for  opening door handles of many sizes while the rubberized tip is designed for typing on keypads of all kinds. Carabiner included.

Kooty Key Anti-Germ Utility Tools

Antibacterial Door Opener with Stylus Pen Stay safe from the risks of  infection by evading filthy touch points in public places  and use it as a stylus pen all at once. The antibacterial additive in these products make it a effective way stay germ free while opening doors etc

Antibacterial Door Opener with Stylus Pen

We have a lot more in anti- germ utility tools. Browse along and choose a model that matches your needs.